Friday, 26 November 2010

Kind of Back

Langlan and I have come to the library with the laptop (including the new battery). We're back online! Although I'm not sure how often this will happen as Langlan is currently gnawing on my arm and slobbering all over the keyboard. Mmm, nice!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

11 years Ago

I have a story to tell...everyone does of course, but today is a special story day. It's a story in which many people who I love were involved. It goes like this.
Once upon a time there were 4 girls who woke up one morning after a harrowing night of tears over certain flower arrangements.
They toddled down town to be made look beautiful with hair fruffing and makeup doing. They got dressed into shining white flowing dresses and hopped onto their carriage, which looked like Newcastle's famous tram!
They were whisked away to a local farm, walked into a big old hall, stood in front of 500 people and held party bangers and let them off when 1 of them kissed the man she truly and dearly loved.
That story happened 11 years ago today.
I married the man who loves me well, who makes me smile, who is my voice of reason, who cares for me and looks after us....the story continues and rather than being a fairytale, I am praying that it is an epic journey. One that weathers the storms and grows stronger. One in which love and laughter and joy and grace play a HUGE part. One in which we remember every year with excitement.
HAPPY 11 Years Pobj. I love you dearly.

As time goes by...

He is handsome.
He is clever.
He is crazy.

He is cricket mad.
He is kind.

He is creative.
He is amazing.
He is 10!