Sunday, 4 August 2013

TRIXY JOY - our first sponsor letter

for the sisters.

How are you? If we are to be asked, we're fine. 

By the way I am Rhea, 28 years old, mother of Trixy Joy. 

As a mother, all I'm doing is to take care of my children.

 My husband is Gary, 30 years old. He is  farmer but sometimes he is doing construction. 

We have three children and she is the middle child. Trixy Joy is really doing well in her studies. She's very eager to learn. 

We are so much thankful for choosing Trixy Joy as one of the sponsored children you have in your program. Thank you so much. 

Trixy Joy asks, 'Where do you live?' and do you have any family? She asks your prayer for her studies. She also asks your prayer for her health. 

Thank you and God bless!

Rhea (mother of Trixy Joy)

I will post some pictures and more information for everyone soon...right now though I am just too excited about our first letter not to post it. I love the beautiful way this letter is written. I love that we as sisters are doing this together even though we are not. I love that we are taking part in changing the world 1 child at a time.