Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Farm

Photo shoots are my favourite. There is something so fun about dressing up and tramping around mushy paddocks with balloons and Kt's wonderful lounge!

We have a friend who needed to practise her photography and she asked if we would be happy to have some shots done.

These are a few that we have been given a sneak peek at.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

This is AWESOME!!!!

Oh by the way I passed my exams despite having galndular fever and using approximately 17 tissues in 3 hours with Clinical science 71% and Ambulance practice with 81%.

(G. Fever is self diagnosed ;-)

Looking for inspiration last night while having as few lights on as possible to no alarm or alert my neighbours I am home as I am not ment to be and I don;t want to be given delicous Youldon food (non refridgerated for past 4 days!!!)

Any way I found this

You can look into other peoples apartments and they are so cute/creative and I am addicted!

Some of my finds but so soooo much more have a look!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

some more

These were the scenes of my walk last night, this site is gorgeous, wasted, ruined and romantic!!!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

things.. Just nice to be blogging again...

Gorgeous lights in England that enchanted me and I wanted to have here...

Mysterious and beautiful.

This is why we don't smoke!!!!!!!!!!

This is the 'my king & ruler is the amazonian frog' Itlain dude I shared a kiwi & hot chocolate with in Tai pai Airport Taiwan.... It never ceases to amaze me the people I meet!

blow fish!

Black and white, Ozzie and Scottish fun!
Natral geo eat your heart out! These guys lived in my yard at Dapto ambo station for about a week. The 9yr old boy up stairs was on guard duty for them and kept a diary record of all they did- he's so cute & perculiar! He also created a young inventors machint to make hair cuts less itchy with a vacuum and brush combo. Cool kid (school doesn't work so well for him either Kenzi!)

The boy I still love...

The well travelled matterice (the one that ended our relationship Andy ;-)

pictures I took to make me happy

there is life after death - little princess we all miss you

there is happiness after heart ache- the sun does keep on shining and world keeps on spinning depite the bruising on my heart and soul

Lots more stuff but ned bed and it toldme I had a bad request- No more photo it yell... poop...

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Our Wedding McVersary

Last night Andrew and I hit the road for our fourth wedding anniversary. Yup, it's been four whole years and a whole lot of fun and craziness. To continue the fun and craziness we decided that rather than have a grown-up meal at a grown-up restaurant we would try and hit every drive-thru in Geelong. We would buy one item at each restaurant, tell each other a highlight of our four years, eat and then head to the next restaurant. Here's how far we got:

*Red Rooster, salt and pepper calamari
*Hungry Jacks, orange juice
*McDonalds, fries
*KFC, zinger
*McDonalds, fanta
*Bendigo Bank drive-thru ATM, $50
*McDonalds, cheese burger
*McDonalds, McDouble
*KFC, Gaytime krusher (which I had to order cause Andrew just couldn't bring himself to ask the teenage boy for a Gaytime!)
*Red Rooster, garden salad
*Hungry Jacks, cookies and cream storm

After 11 drive-thrus we were done, thankfully it was time for us to go home for Langlan's feed and I'm not sure we could have stomached any more drive-thru food.

We've had four amazing years. Every time we had to come up with a highlight of our four years we'd take ages because there's been so many. I have the best husband in the world (he's the only one I've had but I feel I'm an authority on this, I'm sure some others out there will disagree!). Yeppity-yep.