Friday, 30 October 2009

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

When Andrew is away I try and make sure that I have something to do every day that involves me  leaving the house and actually talking to people.  It's so easy to get caught up in uni work and everything else in our little house (like cozying up on the couch and reading) that sometimes I get to the end of the day and realise that I haven't gone outside.  
This week I've made the effort to get out every day, and it's been great (I'm off for lunch, shopping and dinner with the girls in a few hours).  I also try and make sure that I do things that I would usually do if Andrew was here but can't be bothered to do if it's just me.  There's been birthday cheesecake, me-created chicken and potato bake, bundt-pan cakes, and a little clothing reconstruction.  I've missed Andrew like crazy, but it's been a good week.  And I got some couch-cozying in last night and watched the new Hairspray, SO fun!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

And Another

This morning Kenzi caught a Daddy long legs. It was a smaller than usual one, so,
"Mummy it is not a Daddy long legs, it is a kiddy long legs."
The thing is that everything she says makes sense!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Just quickly

Another one from the mouth of Kenzi.
To my horror the other day Kenzi came running to me saying, "Mummy your breasts are on the bathroom floor!"
After checking that my breasts, although a little saggy had not dropped off and been left on the bathroom floor, I followed Kenz in to the bathroom where she pointed to my bra that had been left there ready for a wash.
We discovered that Kenzi has been calling bras breasts for some time now and we hadn't picked up on it. she just calls them breast holders...she can't seem to get her head around the word bra.
For me, I'm just happy that my breasts are where they should be. (with a little help from those good old breast holders!)
Have a lovely day. Delight in the amazing things around you and know that I miss you all very much.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Will Kati's Hands be Big Enough?

I saw this in Museumplein while I was dancing in the rain.  I'm thinking that there needs to be a four sisters one done when we're together next.  Who's up for it?

PS If you want a giggle read about a normal day in Andrew's life, the portable safe has still got me cackling.

So Close

Remember the tall Dutchie I was moaning about in the last post?  Apparently he was filming although because I came up to about his knees I hadn't realised.  Unfortunately he never turned the camera around, so my seriously awesome moves remain invisible to the masses.  Sigh.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Card Carrying Hippie

Yesterday was A Global Day of Climate Action.  There were over 4600 events going on all over the world and seeing as I had to find something to occupy myself with (Andrew flew off to South Africa in the morning) I took myself off to Museumplein for some Charleston dancing.  
It was a demonstration to encourage countries to sign a treaty that commits themselves to a target of 350 parts per million CO2.  I was hoping to learn a little more about this but the speakers were all Dutch so I just enjoyed the dancing.  An Aussie girl taught the crowd the Charleston, and I think we were all pretty committed for doing it in the drizzle!  
Then there were a bunch of speakers (a little too many, it got c-o-o-o-l-d being kinda wet and standing still) and then we formed the shape of 350 NU (350 now) and danced the Charleston.  I was at the top right corner of the 3 but there was a giant Dutch man in front of me, darn those tall Dutchies.  
There was a protest march afterwards (police escorts and all) but by then I was too wet and cold to continue in my hippie ways so I went grocery shopping instead, but at least I was doing it in the spirit of things and rode my bike and took my own shopping bags.  Yup, I believe in shopping to save the planet.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Another reason to live in Newcaslte

Ok, So I am being a little self indulgent and thinking that we would be reason enough for anybody anywhere in the world to think that living near us would be fantastic.
Here are some more reasons.
1. You don't have to wear fur lined boots because it is wear them because it is trendy to wear ugs anywhere!
2. I got a bunch a of spinach from the markets yesterday that cost 50cents.
3. We have can swim in our beaches...without getting brain freeze.
4. Oh, and have I mentioned ther is this great family called "The Pobjie's". They love having family around!

(I could have gone on and on...Just letting you know that I think it is just about our time again for uncles and Aunti's, sisters and brothers to be selfish motives or anything.....and I will not cry tooooooo much if you end up in Greenland building bridges for Seals of whatever is over make your decisions based on what God wants for you...because I want you over here but God wants the best!

Another Reason to live in Newcaslte

One Reason to live in Newcastle

Op Shoppin'

I took the train out to Weesp for some kringloop love on Thursday.  
And I totally got me some second-hand love!  
I know that we're probably going to be moving sometime soon so I should be downsizing the stuff we have to lug about, but I also realise that these may be some of the last chances I have to buy funky stuff in Holland.  It's hard I tell you, hard.  So I bought smallish stuff, it mostly fitted into one calico bag so I figured that it was ok!  I scored brooches, necklaces, a tin (which I smelt before I bought, a good habit to acquire), a wooden thing, a mini bundt pan, a little red suitcase, a few odd pieces of cutlery and a little jewelry box.  Now the only problem is that I'm heading out kringlooping again with some friends on Friday.  This is a dangerous, dangerous situation.

When I arrived back in Amsterdam I realised that I had left my keys in the house because I'd left at the same time as Andrew and he had locked up.  I called Andrew and he zoomed over with his keys, and then we had lunch together.  This was definitely one of those times when something totally annoying and frustrating turned into something fabulous.  I love stolen moments like these.


If I had an excess amount of money I would buy this tent.
I would use it for Kenzi's big birthday bash...theme RED and AQUA.
I would fill it full of aqua balloons
and have candy bar that was full of red and aqua lollies.
I would serve the kids food in there own little cardboard trays - covered in red spotted fabric.
I would have all sorts of games set up around the outside.
Inside would be for face painting and sword/wand painting.
These are some of the things that are going to happen....they were going to happen at Carrington Community Centre, but the funny old man that holds the keys is a little disorganised and has double booked and the other person has it booked for the whole weekend!
So, I am looking for other cheap alternatives.

This tent would be my cool would it look...but there are people without houses...and a little man in Manado that we just sponsored so that he can get to a doctor, because he is a really, really ill little 7 month old. So, I look at it with envy, but must come up with another plan...HMMMMM could I sew one??????

Photos from 1. Red tent
2. Girl with Balloons
3. Candy Bar
4. Mood board

Friday, 23 October 2009

He's Two!

This little critter turned 2 yesterday.  There was a part-ay last night and I went and helped Rebecca set up.  We also iced the cake which was a hit with the Birthday Man.  It was made using Rebecca's Swedish grandma's recipe.  You make a cake, cut it in half, spoon orange juice over the cut sides, spread it with jam, spread again with mashed banana mixed with cream and then sandwich the two halves together.  It was good, I even had some for breakfast today!Nafta also had a lunch date with me a few days ago.  We had a great time eating sandwiches and noodles on the floor, playing 'ice-creams' with our mortar and pestle, and Nafta insisted on walking around the house with a photo of Lilly Mama (I'm Lilly so therefore Andrew is Lilly Mama!).  I guess the two of us come as a package.


It's getting pretty chilly over here (although the sun is shining brightly outside the window at the moment) and I need to reassess my shoe options.  I'm a girl made for warmer, drier climates.  I have flip-flops and sandals galore, little slip on shoes, plenty of fake converse hi-tops, and a few other non-wet weather options.  Now that the weather is getting colder I'm on the lookout for some boots-practical, waterproof and warm.  These are two of the options-the ones with the white wool are winning at the moment even if Andrew told me they look like gumboots.  They're just warmer and more likely to keep my feet happy, which means a happy Calli. If I wore gumboots for my wedding shoes surely I can get away with them as everyday shoes?!

In the country

things often die :-(

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Ooh, here it is!

Ben just put this photo up on Facebook, it's the winner of the competition.  We were beaten by a 10 year old.  Ouch.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Walking on Water

Remember Ben?  He's the creative type and yesterday we went and saw one of the creations he dreamt up.  Waternet, the Amsterdam water authority, hired Ben's company to create an event to promote them.  Ben came up with the idea of having something at the Amsterdam Marathon, and he thought about people walking on water.  Unfortunately we forgot out camera so we have no photos of the event, but it was essentially a shallow pool set up in front of the Olympic Stadium with a lane rope down the middle.  We got inside a deflated ball and then it was filled with air.  They pushed us into the pool and we had to get to the other end by running/crawling/flinging ourselves about in the ball.  Andrew and I (the only people over 13 in the line) had a go and it was SO much fun.  My only problem was that I couldn't get the ball to move anywhere!  Andrew had made it to the end of the pool and was half way back when he looked and realised that I was still rolling about in the same position.  Eventually I did make it to the end, but I was laughing so hard by then I think it was more by chance than my efforts to make the ball move.  If you ever get the chance to do this, you HAVE to give it a try, my abs are still aching from laughing so hard.

Sunday, 18 October 2009


Did you know that one of the girls that is in 'The sisterhood of the traveling Pants' also plays Betty in 'Ugly Betty.' A total revelation to me.
Amazing what makeup and the like can do!
I think she is very beautiful as either...I am a BIG, HUGE fan of Betty. I love her individualness and her quirky, upbeat nature that prevails in the face of awful people and events. She is Awesome! But would you look at the difference in real life her and Betty her......amazing!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Totally Beachin'

Cousin fun in the sun!
So, because my children have no cousins that live remotely close we have to have cousin fun with the 2nd's, which is just as fun, but very, very sandy.
We made boats from milk bottles and straws.
We got buried up to our necks.
We smiled....A LOT!