Friday, 26 February 2010

The Size of an Avocado

This jump shot is hot off the press, although I did get dressed before sitting down at the computer - I presume that squidgy butt cheeks on a leather seat and hot weather are not a match made in heaven.  We're heading towards the end of week 16 for little Moo, and I think my belly may have decided this is the week to start being pregnant rather than looking like I've overeaten for my last meal.  I can't believe that in such a short time our little baby has gone from the size of a sesame seed to the size of an avocado.  Bring on the watermelon!

Hot Stuff

This is mine and Andrew's new style.  Pretty funky huh?  We got ourselves some wheels and now we're tearing up the pavement around Geelong.  We rode down to the ocean baths yesterday and went swimming.  I was planning on heading to the library on my bike after lunch but it's a scorcher today and I figured it's better to wait until the heat wears off a bit.  Maybe I'll make it, maybe I won't.  I will, however, toodle on foot down to the real estate agents to pick up the free newspaper that Dad scabbed last week!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

For Moo

Road side- washed- brand spanken new!

The Size of an Apple

This little baby of ours started life out flying so I figured that we may as well continue...until I get so big that it's gravitationally and aerodynamically impossible to get airborne.  (Hmm, there's a thought, you can have water births so what exactly is 'airborne'?)  This was taken last week but with all the excitement of the parentals being here I didn't get to post it.  So here it is, our little baby, the size of an apple, flying high at 15 weeks.

Scraping the Bottom

You know that gene pool that you hear about?  Well from the looks of these photos I think we may have just come from the bottom of it.  This is what Dad and I got up to, in between napping and snacking.  Geelong is a tough place to hang out I tell you.The gravitational pull of the earth gets stronger the closer you get to the South Pole.  Notice the effects of this phenomenon above.Notice the effects of prolonged nose picking over an extended period of time.  Younger exhibit has some way to go to reach older exhibits enlarged nostril size.  Older exhibit may also be trying to squeeze something out of another orifice.Brains?  There's such a lot of room at the top of Dad's head that there must be something going on inside there.  And I definitely got the long Macdonald ears.Please, can anyone tell me who this looks like?  I'm sure there's a striking resemblance here to someone that we know but I can't figure it out.  Extra brownie points for getting it right!  The future projected growth of Dad's nose.  And mine if I'm not careful...

Jealous yet....!

Then I opened it to find.... Buttons -Bra straps -velcro -wire

Lace- reflector tape- pompoms -pegs

Op-shop & road side finds- YEY!!!!

Oh my gosh I know I am addicted and the garage is full and I have no home to fill yet... but.... You can't leave amazing things on the footpath when you are just driving by, in an area that you have never been in and a re only there for pcik ups ;-)
Mirror and sewing box road side. The rest Maitlands best op-shop (the locationa nd name is a secret on a need to know basis and you all don't need to know!!)

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Tummy For Trinny

Trinny asked about my tummy on the phone so I figured I'd pop a picture up here for the world to see. The first is where it's at, 15 weeks and 3 days. The second is with a little camera trickery, just preparing myself for what is going to be...

Monday, 15 February 2010

I was not the only Larakin!!!!!!!!!!!

The road we all know and love...

Home is on the Langlands Road...
(I did return it- the sign will never be the same again ;-))

Here, here

thought this lady put it very well

Tired, a little down...
I think I'm moving too fast and not getting enough rest to appreciate what is beautiful (and what is God) in all these ordinary things around me.

Happy year of the Iron Tiger- and slow down to enjoy it and all those along side you or that your paths may cross this year.

Dad's frog

He's ever so proud & excited, he runs you down to the orchard ducking & weaving between the corn, pumkins & such to proudly & amazedly show you
beautiful little "Thumbalina"!

Thanks Linny Love!

We LOVE them SOOO much