Thursday, 29 May 2008

Camera Hijack

Today my camera which is acting like a very temperamental young child was working. I took some photo's of some things I have been working on and went to download the photo's that I had taken. Imagine my surprise when I found my camera had been hijacked and many photo's had been taken. On the whole not a bad photographer, don't you think?
My bottom in all it's Pj pants glory!
The self portrait!My beautiful sewing machine. An oldy but a goody!
This is not a photo that Kenzi took. This is my latest sewing project. It looks awesome over jeans or black pants. I have been watching ever so many classic movies and was inspired to make a dress that reminded me of the awesome fashion.
NOTE: I have no idea why some of these labels are blue. Help! They are not supposed to be but I have no idea how to change them. Can any of my clever and younger sisters help out an old luddite!

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Fits in an Envelope Competition

Hoo-rah-rah!  It's the launch of the first ever Four Sisters competition.  We grew up playing bingo for Flakes so I figured we could keep the tradition up and leave a comment for a prize.  Anyone can join in (this includes all those lurkers out there, yup, I know who you are), all you have to do is leave a comment by next Wednesday and a little envelope filled with these goodies and anything else I find between now and then will come winging your way.A little pouch for your little somethings.A pretty, shiny something.  Your choice of two sets of flower hair elastics (let me know which ones you want in your comment).A little flower power.Something pretty for you neck.The world's funnest rubber bands (thanks to Kt Mac).And a bunch of little poppy notes to write little things on.

You can leave as many comments as you want to improve your chances, or enter your husband, kids and imaginary pet pony.  I'll draw the name out of a hat next week.  And once you have the goodies in your envelope you can hoard them all for yourself, distribute them to anyone in your family that has a 'q' in their name, or anonymously leave them in the mailbox of number 37 in your street.  Your choice.

Linli Don't Look! (Until Your Package Arrives)

Trin asked me what I've been making lately.  This little girl is flying all the way to New Zealand with a big package of love for our newest niece.
It's a unique 'Strawberry Jan by Calli' design.  This one has a sister sitting on my sewing table, maybe she might fulfill number four on my list, sell on ebay.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Things I Like

This bicycle had been dragged out of the canal and left propped against a tree.  I just liked it.
And another thing I just liked - this is a sign on a garage door in the lane next to our house.  Most of the letters have fallen down leaving a random message decipherable only to Dutch people with half an eye.

Monday, 26 May 2008

Number 15

I can still feel the yummy goodness from my glass of organic milk that I drank on Saturday.  
We watched as the farmer brought the buckets of milk from the dairy, with the help of his little assistant.  Mmm, it was creamy goodness in a cup.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Introducing Millicent

This is Millicent.
Milli helps me sew and listens when I cry.
She is my constant companion, but does not like the water!
She is a surrogate sister when my real ones choose to live thousands, billions, trillions of miles away.
Miss Milli - welcome to the family!

Finally Machupicchu!!!!

Finally after mountain
biking 1 day and trekking
2days over sturdy trust-
worth bridges like these...

And crossing
wild!!! rapid
rivers in these....

Something else...

Another cool food thing (I am so a FOODIST!!!)

How cool an idea are these (they are actually plastic Japanese toys!) My kids are going to eat zoos full of creations (when I have the time and energy!!!)

And how creepy cool is the Herello!!!

Creative at least!!

Discovery saturdays! **Bento Boxes**

While strolling markets and smiling absentmindedly on this beautiful Dublin Saturday I discovered something new- I love discovering and I also love sharing so without further ado here is my coveted Japanese discovery!!

Bento, or obento is a meal served in a box. Beyond that basic definition though, just about anything goes as to what kind of box or container is used, as well as what is put inside that box,.

The kind of bento that have garnered the most attention recently, especially outside of Japan are what are called ‘cute bento’ ‘art bento’ or ‘entertaining bento’ (entertain-bento), extremely elaborately decorated small works of art, as exemplified by the work presented on sites like e-obento (Japanese). ((Click on enter and then just the months at the top to see awesome ideas and picts!!))

These are usually made by mothers for their small children. There can be a high level of competitiveness in this arena, which I’ll talk about sometime.

One cool thing about Bento boxes was determined Japanese mothers who wanted to improve their childs nutritional intake- What an awesome and effective solution!

The other fact which is sad is they also started making them to stop bullying, increase popularity and social standing which is all important there if your not naturally born into a wealthy high family. Obviously the rich kids don't get fancy Bento lunches and the poor kids "WOW" them as they undo their lids at lunch time!!

That's no wonder if the boxes look anything like these below!

Good lucky Trinny and Linny you competitive for social standing nutritionalist mothers!!!! XXX

Friday, 23 May 2008

Number 12 Grow Something...Anything

I started on number 12 last week.  I've joined a group of multicultural ladies who have a plot of land to garden in Westerpark.  It's run by an organisation and every Friday morning we turn up for a lesson on nature and some planting time.  It's all in Dutch so it's a little crazy but things get translated here and there and I'm learning some of the language along the way.
  Last week we planted rode plantui (red onions), lollo rosso, ijsbergsla, butersla (3 types of lettuce), voetbalui (football onions), aardappel (potatoes).  
This week we planted rucola (rocket), eikenbladsla (oakleaf lettuce), dahlia (dahlias), tijm (thyme), knolselderij (some celery thing that translates as turnip-rooted celery??), pompoen (pumpkin), tomaten (tomatoes), rode biet (beetroot), winterwortel (winter carrots-massive big carrots), zomerwortel (summer carrots-normal size carrots).  
My lollo rosso came off with my net today, all shriveled up and dry, apparently we planted them too late in the season as this happened with most of the ladies.  Or maybe it was my warblings, I sang to my plants as it's supposed to help, but maybe you have to be able to sing.  
Oh, and Rebecca isn't peeing, she's just watering her plants.