Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Ring

What do you get when you have left over colour run chalk, a girl who loves baths & some unsupervised bath time?
(and this is after a good soaking! It seems that we have a fabulous blue chambray clawfoot at our house.)
We are not having a baby, renovating a house and looking for a man or moving to a different country but life here is never dull....never ever! 

Saturday, 25 May 2013

1 Little Thing

The FOUR SISTERS sponsored a little girl.
We do not put this on here as a boast or for a pat on the back.
We put it on so that you too might be inspired.
It will cost us $3 or $4 a week.
It will mean that we get to do something to change 1 little girls life...together.
We love doing things together and this was just another opportunity.
We have sponsored her through Compassion.
There are many organisations that make a difference in the life a child.
I know that many of you reading this have sponsor children and you are making a difference in so many kids lives, (including all that belong to us!) , but if you haven't thought about it and have a few extra dollars a week (seriously, the price of a coffee or chai or 1/2 metre of fabric!) then you should have a look and see just what your money can do.
We experienced it first hand when we visited our Sponsor son and daughter in Indonesia. We will always sponsor because we see what a difference it makes...for a small sacrifice from us.
Over time we will tell you how our little girl is going. We will share letters and tell you how we communicate our love to her. We will give you some hints on how we write and special treats we send. Most of all we will share with you the immense joy that fills our hearts as we journey this together.
Introductions and photo's to come.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Life according to Kenzi

"Always be yourself....
      Unless you can be a unicorn...then always be a unicorn!"

Written on her blackboard in her room. I am totally in love with the oh so cute unicorn pictures.

I think she saw this saying somewhere and has totally claimed it for her own.

In her dreams she is always a flying unicorn with sparkly wings.

I have long since stopped wondering how this kid will turn out and I am just enjoying the ride, the crazy, topsy turvy, curvy and oh so wonderful ride.

A note from Kenzi...if you are a unicorn and you are reading this I would really like to know you. I has always dreamed of meeting a unicorn!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Kenzi In Wonderland Part1

We are all a little MAD here...the faces and the tent cinema for the Wonderful Wonderland 10th Birthday Party for the cutest Alice ever!
More...much more to follow.