Wednesday, 26 May 2010

D is definitely for Done

This is the face of one very relieved non-student (as long as I've passed!). I survived the grilling, just.

Another student who went before me said rather than a moot it was more like a third degree interrogation. I'd have to agree. But it's all over now.

I'm going to have lunch with Andrew to celebrate and then he's cooking a special dinner for me to continue the celebrations. And then I'll start doing things like vacuuming and washing that have been put on the sidelines for the last little while. Apparently that's what this lady of leisure will now occupy herself with!

Thank you

One little Bird wants to say thank you very much for her nest to play with.
It is her most treasured possession.
We also learnt all about customs and how they slash open envelopes with questionable items in them and rip small eggs out of small nests just to make sure and certain that we are not up to some dastardly deed.
(Mummy wants to steal it away so that she can love it as much as me. I let her borrow it to admire, but I cannot part with it!)

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Tomorrow is D-Day. It's my last uni assessment, hopefully forever. I'm not sure if D stands for-
  • Determination: it's taken a whole lot of determination to make it through 6 years of uni including moving countries, acquiring a husband, losing a baby, and creating a baby
  • Dread: I'd rather do an exam than stand up in front of a video camera and plead my case to a room full of people in Australia, this is the part I'm dreading
  • Daunting: see above!
  • Daze: I'm hoping I'm not in too much of a one of these, I really need my mind to be thinking in the morning!
  • Deactivate: brain, please do not do this.
  • Decimate: what I'm hoping to do to my opponents in my assessment!
  • Delicious: it's a good feeling having made it this far, and think of all the free time I'm going to have, wahoooo!
But I definitely know it stands for DONE. Done-diddly-un. 6 years of my life all depending on 1/2 an hour of speaking tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it works out and I'm not made to do another 6 months of studying!

Monday, 24 May 2010


oh yer ;-)

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Belly, Belly Beautiful

This morning I trundled down to a friend's house and had my belly painted. Oh yeah, it was awesome! Minette is 39 weeks pregnant today so her belly had a bit of a head start on mine, but I'll catch up in 11 weeks (I'm 28 weeks)!

Elmien was the talented painter, she's pretty darn good huh? Especially seeing as her 'canvas' would occasionally bulge into crazy shapes. Minette's bub kept on sticking a foot out, making the heart bigger on one side then the other. Her little girl already likes to make herself known!

It was so fun to do something creative and a little crazy to celebrate our little ones slowly making their way into the world. The only problem was that I wanted to go home with my shirt up, I wanted the world to see this!

PS Minette did the photo editing, I can take no credit for how great she made us look!

PPS Linny, why don't you give Emi and Madi some face paint and let them go to town on your belly too?!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A day or so in the life of the Kt Mac-ster

Besides studying & learning & studying & being taught & reading notes & reading notes again...
*I manange to run almost daily 3-5kms to clear the cobwebs for the next mental onslaught
*I run around iron cove bride 7km track and the harbour it's beautiful
*I run & swim on Sunday with Kent (Kiwi painter actual name Kevin but don't like it and it doesn't suit him so renamed!) He's from dance & reminds me of dad/Chris Mck & a kiwi!!) After we run and swim in baths (he needs swiming lessons) We have milo over looking the ocean and thawing out then I take him to "mass". I'm guessing he was bought up catholic!
*I work on my house or mostly gardens with Dad most Saturdays- last Saturday had Dad on the roof tying rope around "hederation" on the outhouse and me on the ground pulling with all my gusto to get it off the roof and then dragging it to the over loaded trailer!
(I love working with my Daddy!)
*Wkends home means spoiling by mum with food and washing- Mmmm who needs to grow up
or move out when this happens!
*Staying at the youth hostel means interuppted sleep & irratic or MIA meals but plenty of interesting people to meet and greet (thought I am stying low key as I really trully need to study my buns off)
*Oh and youth hostel is also the location of my latest.... Umm error, mishap, fancy, time filler
All I will say is Wonderbah ;-)
My life is full to bursting
I'm getting thinner as I have no time or stamina to eat once I have studied
I love my class mates so much I think I'll cry when I leave them
Eduard my south American next seat buddy in class told me his porn name today & I almost wet myself in public!
And life rolls rather fast-ly on
& flamin wonderful!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Why tidy when you can blog?

I literally have a mountain of tidying and work to do....but I found these photo's and they need to be shared.
I love spending time with people I love doing the things I love, so when we went on an op shop crawl...the four sisters altogether...well I loved it.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


I have registration next Friday to see if they will let me teach Kenzi at home....whoops! I have started to get ready...yep my plastic cupboard is really clean and organised....because he will look in there, won't he?

Monday, 10 May 2010

Reee-raaaaa reeeeee-raaaaaaaa

Congratulations on your first ambo day Miss Kt Mac!

Hope it was smashingly fun and that you got to use the siren (cause that's why you joined up right?).

And for everyone's personal safety, I think the ambulance above would be perfect for you (I don't think it has a reverse gear, perfect!).

Vonny McSponny

What can I say. The woman's a legend.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

A Mother's Day Post just for Mum, because I didn't get to eat curry with her today!

Dear Mum,
Do you remember when we used to stay at Grandma Mac's and Linny and I used to have to sleep on mattresses on the floor. Linny used to put me closest to the door in case robbers came in. Us little country girls were so scared of the BIG city then.
Do you remember when we first found out about being pregnant with Connor and you came down to clean up vomit for a time. You bought the cutest little singlet from DJ's for your first grandchild. It probably cost you more than your outfit that day, but it was beautiful.
Do you remember how you saved the day with the wedding flower debacle. You very calmly handed over the money for the flowers and handed them to us as we were getting on the tram. How BIG that seemed then and how small it is now.
Do you remember when I got into that horrible car accident and went into shock. You tucked me into bed and I think must have stayed up all night watching me. I remember shivering so badly, but eventually falling asleep. You must have been all aquiver, but I never knew.
Do you remember the indoor above ground pool at Tennison Road that had the spa beside it. I loved visiting there and swimming. I also loved it because Darlene or Zeze would take us down to the corner store and buy us treats. I am not sure how much you knew about the treats.
Do you remember the School Specs that you used to supervise for. I suspect that You, Phil and Tony had just as much fun as us - although none of you got nicknames that stuck (coma)
Do you remember the Youth Tours that we used to go on. We were SO salvo, but I loved that we could share Jesus with others. And I remember ALL the work you did at feeding us. Those salad sandwiches are the stuff of legend!
Do you remember when you were really sick with meningitis. I remember going to Nene and Morris's and hating being away from you. At the time I didn't realise just how sick you were.
Do you remember our trip to Scotland. How we could only understand the bonnie lasses when they talked slow. How we got to see what was under a Scot's man kilt. How we learned to appreciate home and each other.
Do you remember that there is no place Connor and Kenzi would rather be than on the farm.
Do you remember that I love you, very much.
Happy Mother's Day.
Love Trin

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day

To our Mum and all the Mothers out there that are amazing and wonderful and truly deserving of a spoiling each and every day we say "Happy Mother's Day".
We love you very much.
Please click on the link below, with tissues!


This month is unexpectedly turning out to be a VERY expensive month. The car needed new brakes, servicing and registering. And I need to arrange a video conference for uni (no student discounts, phooey). Just those 2 things mean there'll be no savings this month and we're going to have to be careful. So we're going cheap as chips.I've just made up the coming week's menu and we're going to eat deliciously with only having to buy mushroom soup, peas, sour cream and a few fruits and veg. And that includes date night!We're having a date night in, DIY Mexican. We're going to bond over tortilla making (using this recipe), listen to a little Mexican (thanks to youtube) and generally get all fiesta-ish ;).I love that even when you have to skimp on spending, life can still be full and luscious. Thanks Mum and Dad for giving me a childhood that instilled in me the notion that life doesn't have to be expensive to be wonderful.
PS Photos have nothing to do with the post, they're just some random favourites of Andrew's.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Hhhhhhhhhhaaaaaappppppyyyyyyyyyy Biiiiirrrrttthhhhdddaaayyyy Mmmmmaaaadddddiiii!!!!!!

Birthday Cake

I hope your cake was a yummy as this one Madi moo & that you had lots and lots of fun with your new dolly stroller. Sorry Aunty Kati was late wishin gyou a Happy Birthday, BUT it's worth the wait!! Love you lots & lots & I would like some of your yummy pink flower cake please!
Kati xxx

For Princess Madi

Dearest Madi,

We hope that your birthday has been filled with balloons, puppy dogs and tiaras just as every princess's birthday should be!

We love you oodles and schamoodles.

Andrew and Calli
xoxoxoxox (lots of sloppy kisses for the birthday girl)

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl

Here is Madi and Mackenzi walking under a rainbow of lovehearts.

Dear Madi,
We tried to talk to you on skype this morning, but we couldn't find just in case we don't get to talk to you today,
"Happy Birthday to you."
We love you very much and would love to share some birthday cake and bubbles with you today.
Have a beautiful day Madi.
This is an M for Madi sign and a smiling Mackenzi to wish you a very happy day!
Love Brenton, Trinni, Connor and Kenzi.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

A Whole New World

I have been putting this post off. Call it business or scared-ness or just plain no-worded-ness...I have been putting it off.
But here it is...........Kenzi is now the proud owner of a 1 child school room at the front of our house.
She is also the proud owner of a Mummy who becomes her teacher between the hours of 9 and 12 and any other time where we see teachable moments. She is also, and this was the HUGE thing for me...the owner of a very happy heart and learning mind that just was not happening when she was in a conventional classroom.
To all of you who love Kenzi and love me, I need you to understand this decision even if you don't agree with it. I promise that we are not hiding her away from the world. I promise that she is learning all the things she would be learning at school. I promise she is having a great many social events and mixing with lots of different people. And I cannot promise this, but I pray every day that she will grow to be an amazing woman of God who loves people well, has a great sense of who she is in God and knows that she is loved.
It is a whole new world!