Tuesday, 29 January 2013


So.... things have changed here on the blog and I cant seem to load any photos!
Hence this plain and very boring Birthday message for you kt mac!!
Sorry!!  (and somebody enlighten me as to how we now load pics!!)

Hope you have a wonderful day today.
Eat lots of cake and run around naked...you know, all those things you like to do!  ha ha ha!!
Just don't injure yourself or anybody else in the process :-)

Love you loads and loads...

Love Linny & Andy & Em & Madi & Harri xoxox

Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Ones that are Near and Far

We love family. Love as in 'can't get enough of them' kind of love.

We don't often get to see family but that's one good thing that Langlan's wonky leg has brought us, more family.

More days in the UK than first planned, more days in Newcastle.

Despite said wonky leg, it's been wonderful...

Whilst shopping in Sainsbury's a few days after Langers came out of hospital I found a calendar with two statements that perfectly sums up all of our family:

*In time of test family is best.*

*Families are like fudge...mostly sweet with a few nuts.*

And we miss you NZers!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Fun on Wheels

We headed down to Auni Dinny's today jumped on/in/behind bikes/pram and meandered to Newcastle Museum (with numerous chocolate and water stops on the way).

The cousins combining their muscle to lift the car.


Auni Dinny powering by.

The Kenzinator.

Me, Mumma and Lief, Trin and Lang.

Connor The Ouchinatir.

A lovely, lovely day. Thanks Pobble-Jobbles and Mumma!

And one last picture because its irresistible (thanks Oma and Opa for the dress!):

Monday, 21 January 2013

These days

Like father, like son:

First swim:

Nanna Kerrie's 50th deserves a special hat:

Beautiful, beautiful wedding that we flew back across the world for and only got there a few minutes late, so, so glad we made it: (3 brothers singing the bride down the aisle, a grand kiss, paper airplanes thrown as the bride was carried back down the aisle by hubby, snowcones for all the sweltering guests milling about outside the church, lovely reception venue with lots of little personal touches, what's not to love?) :

Beautiful, beautiful bride (Britt designed her dress, used Rohan's mum's wedding dress lace and silk bought by her uncle from Thailand, and the skirt came off in a dance later in the evening to reveal a shorter skirt as a surprise for Nathan, awesome):

Hottest mother of the bride EVER (and her shoes were AMAZING):

Meeting the cousins:

And Auntie Dinny:

I stuck Mummy (and he was meant to be in bed asleep):

The two Eva's (they should totally start a rockband):

His new propeller hat:

My chopped locks:

I mowing Mumma:

Sinterklaas in January:

Virgin mojitos on the back veranda in the rain with cousin Dani:

Sleeping companions:

Helium balloon...

'My lobster'...

And Liefie.

Life is a little different to how I thought it would be at the moment but it is full to overflowing with beauty, love and fun. I wouldn't switch it for the world.