Thursday, 28 June 2012

Where is the green sheep?

The last time we were in Newcastle Rohan gave us the awesome book Where is the Green Sheep by Mem Fox.

Langlan loves reading it and it's on heavy rotation in our house at the moment. The only thing is this:

Every time we get to the last page Langlan bursts out crying. I think it's because he wants it to keep going!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Forgot to say...the mountains are all white and it is snowing in my world...  :-)
xxx (snowing dad - not the inversion layer!!!)

Japanese cuisine!

 oops...upside down...back to front!!  And it does apparently matter very much as to the placement of the i have the photos all mixed up but just wanted to share with you my new cooking skills!
I have recently been to 2 japanese cooking courses!  The first one was a Mainly Mums event run through Mainly Music where about 10 mums went and learnt to make sushi...we even did the inside out ones with the rice on the outside covered in sesame seeds!  Yum!!
Then I went out on Monday night...Andy had enjoyed my sushi so much with the teriyaki chicken inside that he made me go and learn to make teriyaki chicken!  Fun and yum again!!  So the pictures are from Monday night...above is my teriyaki chicken (with too much lettuce but I liked the contrasting crunch!!)  So delicious and the sauce only has 4 ingrediants so very easy!
 We also made a different type of sushi - inari zushi is the one in the 'bags' and temari zushi is the balls.
Very pleased with my efforts!

Then we all sat down for dinner and they had made miso soup for us as well.
A fun night out!
Oh..and my hot tip...when we made sushi the first time people asked if you use rice wine vinegar...and the girls said they never do!  It is much sweeter (and more expensive to buy over here!) and I must say after having it both ways that the normal white vinegar makes a much tastier sushi!  So there you go - my tip of the day :-)
Love you all, L xoxox

House decorating!

 Oh has added these pics in a very random order..but oh will get the general idea!!
I have been trying to decorate our bare walls!  So here are a few photos of what i have done so far!  Still along way to go!  The above pic is for you kt mac!  It is the owl you made Harri and it is a great door stop! And so so cute!  But it does disappear on a regular basis for cuddles i think!!!
 My way of cleaning up mess in the garage!  A hook for everybody for school and ballet bags and coats and nappy bags and whatever else I can fit on them!!!
 A little boy's room!!  Check out my initial...made up entirely of old Australian stamps!!  Quite clever if I do say so myself!!  I have more stamps for future projects already in my head...
 I painted the frame red to try and match his drawers...
 Need to change the colour of the little seat to red was pink cause originally in another room!!
Randomly placed garage photo again!!
Let me know what you think!  i am getting there...very slowly!
Have another couple of things on the boil which I will photograph and put up once finished!
Love you all, L xxx

For Gardiner!

Just to check (don't know if you even read our blog Gardiner!!) if you remember our days of hunting down celebrities!!  Rememeber this one!  Those guys in front of us that kept telling us to shutup cause we were so excited and we screaming all their names as loud as we could so they would come closer so we could get good photos!  And that one time you made me spend ours in the cold and rain and I almost died of pneumonia a few days later (true story!!)...Fun times with Gardiner xxx

London memories

One of my most favourite London memories!
 The giant sun at the Tate Modern!  So much fun! Just had to share it with you!  Do you remember girls?!?
Our twister games and making the alphabet on the last night.  I think these photos are from another time as there only seem to be 3 of us!  We are the 3 in the above photo with the flash going off!!
 And here we are making a triangle!!
 Our star!
 Another star!!
 And another 3 pointer star!!!
Fun!!  And warm too in a cold gray London!
Love you all lots, L xoxox

Monday, 25 June 2012

Just Clowning Around

some of my fabulous family and friends did not make it out of the kitchen to get snapped...however those that did shone! These photo's by wonderful Kimmy of Chirp!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Better Days are Here

For the last few weeks this is what has been happening in our house:

We caught a pretty vicious bug that had the three of us laid low.

Now, thanks to modern medicine, our wonderful, healing bodies, and an awesome Mumma, our days are starting to look a little more like this:

We are so happy, thankful and better. Solid food has never tasted so good!

Monday, 11 June 2012

One of My favourites

I am going to a long birthday post soonish, having just got more photos from Ang, but I thought this photo deserved a post of its own. I love all of the girls in this photo to bits.

I heard you were Sick

Hey Mr Langlan,
We heard you were sick so we thought we would put up this picture that would cheer you up. Once again it is big cousin and little cousin. I think big cousin loves you a lot.
We love you a lot as well and we hope that you will feel really well really quickly.
Love from Brenton, erin, Connor and Kenzi

Sunday, 10 June 2012

A Little Bit Like Me!

It's the long weekend and we have been house sitting on the Central Coast. One of my birthday gifts was a free pass to the Australian Reptile Park. We had a great day. Mostly we got to laugh at Kenzi and me. We are a bit similar. She got my 'say before you think it through' gene. It must be a pretty dominant one I think! Firstly we had a good old belly laugh over this. We were gazing into an enclosure that had turtles in I want you to remember that we are at The Australian Reptile Park. The turtles were swimming around and up above on the dirt was a red belly black snake. Kenzi pointed and said,"Look there is a snake in there. We should tell someone about that!" Yep a good old belly laugh.
 This one is more visual. See the dingo up above. That is what happens to them when the farmers catch them. However, Kenzi got very excited and said, "Gee, can they really do that?" Yep, the kid lives in a great world where dingoes do hand stands and we get to laugh all the time.
And this was my silly moment...actually the moment started 3 weeks ago apparently. Pobj bought me a new drink bottle. I filled it and have been using it. I happened to have a glance inside of my drink bottle that I have rinsed and refilled every day for 3 weeks and saw the "how to clean your drink bottle" instructions that have been in the bottom of my drink bottle for 3 weeks. 
Yep, not big thinkers around here.....but we sure do have fun!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Happy Birthday Mumma!

As we don't have any funky old photos of you to post (nice one Linny!) , here's a little wave/thumbs up from the newest addition to the family to wish you a happy birthday:

And a birthday kiss from the big brother:

We love you Mumma!


 SHE'S 21 TODAY...

Happy Birthday Vonny!!  Hope you have had a fabulous day and that your Birthday bonfire is awesome!
Lots of love from us all, Andy, Linli, Emily, Madi and Harrison xoxox


 Yes...finally here I am!!
And I wanted to share with you...that I have been doing lots of baking lately...but not spending much time on the computer!  Oop!  Sorry!  But here I am again!  It has all changed since I was last here and I had to download something to be even able to post something on here!  Woah - what an effort!!
 So I hope you like my baking...cinnamon scrolls (which I added apple to!)
and below are my Easter hot cross buns!!!
 yum yum yum to all of them!
I have also made lots of chocolate raspberry fudge brownie lately...mmm delicious!
Love you all lots and lots and you are all welcome at my home any time to eat some of my delicious treats!
xoxox xoxox xoxox xoxox xoxox