Sunday, 26 August 2012

Kids in the Kitchen

Kenzi and Connor cooked pancakes this morning.
The pancakes were so GOOD!
The 'look like a pancake exploded all over the oven' facelift that my oven got...not so good!
When weighed up, after some good pancakes with fresh strawberries and icing sugar and drizzles of honey......the pancakes and the joy of cooking far outweighed the clean-up.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Our Travel Blog Has Started

A Salute to Nurses

Please welcome Florence Nightingale....a champion in Kenzi's eyes...and a little salute to Mumma, Linny and Aunti KT.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Oh Ay Ay

My little boy has gone from this:

through this:

to this:

Oh ay ay!


Sorry this is a day late Langlan :-(
I was busy picking up your grandparents off the plane!
I have tried very hard to put some fun pictures up here for your birthday too...but my computer just doesn't seem to do what I want it to!

Anyway....we hope you had a super-duper birthday :-)
Your cake looks very yummy, I hope you saved us some!
We will send a fun present home for you on the aeroplane!

We love you lots.....


Lots of love from us all,
A&L&E&M&H xoxoxox
Xoxoxox xoxoxox
Xoxox oxoxox

Little Boy Blue Turned 2

After a rocking celebration at the farm we just had a little bit of family fun for Langy-Lou's second birthday yesterday.

I love family traditions so we've started to weave a few through our own little family celebrations.

Langlan's birthday started off with a few pages of Dr Seuss's Happy Birthday To You!, a tradition we unknowingly started 10 years ago when I bought a copy in California for Andrew's 21st birthday.

Andrew and I were in the birthday teepee, Langlan was zooming around the living room on his new scooter!

We then moved to the table where we started a new birthday tradition. With a whole lot of help (thank you!) I made a birthday ring. It's a Steiner/Waldorf tradition that has its roots in Germany/Europe (I think?). Each year we light candles on the ring and choose figurines that represent the year before and the year to come for the birthday person.

This year, for Langlan, we chose:

2 lovey elephants that represent friends and family. Langlan loves people, and people love Langlan so we thought this was an appropriate symbol of his life at the moment. We love that Langlan is surrounded (near and far) by friends and family who love him and we know this bunch of awesome people will only grow in the future.

A tree to represent Langlan's love of the outdoors. If given a choice Langlan always prefers to be outside, no matter the weather. He loves putting his boots on and squelching about with the chooks in the muddy pen, he loves flying 'high, high' on a swing at the playground, he loves digging in the garden and walking with his mouth open to catch the drops of water in the rain. He's an outdoor boy and we're hoping for more outdoor adventures in the coming year.

A rainbow because this boy already has an imagination that is somewhere over the rainbow. He sees rabbits on roofs (thanks Grandpa), thinks he can fly as long as he jumps from somewhere high enough and believes that whale is the only way to sing. This boy has character, and a large dose of imagination.

A flame, to show the small flickering flame of God in his life that we hope will grow and burn and shine. Langlan loves going to 'baby church' and gets very excited every time we drive past the church building. He loves the music and the lights at church, putting his offering money in the bucket, and running around amongst all the churchy peeps. This is only the beginning, from this little God-flame we're praying that big things will grow.

Langlan sat nodding his head as Andrew and I explained all this to him, and then blew the candles out over, and over, and over, and over...

While we ate breakfast a little slide show of Langlan and his loved ones was playing on the laptop, so cool to see what the last 2 years has held.

Daddy went off to work after this and then the boy and I played.

The evening was for sushi, an often requested meal, with more birthday singing and candles and special drinks.

Then back home for the last installment of the birthday book before one tired and very happy boy crashed into bed.

Happy birthday little boy, we love you so much!

Friday, 3 August 2012

Just A Few Things I have Made

These are a few of the things that I was able to scratch off my to-do list this week. Hopefully I can show you more next week...scratches off my to-list that is as long as an Olympic swimming pool at the moment!
This one is for a sweet boy who has his party tomorrow. He is a super great friend to Kenzi. He loves black and ninjas'.

These were for two other special girls. They had their party on Sunday. The pillows were a hit.
Last thing that I have photos of that I have made recently is Kenzi's costume for her day at Elizabeth farm and old Government house. I love old bed sheets and calico. They certainly made for a pretty great and cheap period costume for this little convict!

Olympic Spirit

Both the kids had an olympic day at school today. Connor was Captain of Team Australia and Kenzi was in Team China. They both had a blast and olympicked well.
I especially was proud of them. They sure do go all out for dress-up events. No idea who they get that from.....Hello ALL the Macdonald sisters!