Thursday, 31 July 2008

Splendidly Wasting Time

I just had a little fun with wordle.  It's a groovy site where you type in text or put in a web address and it takes the words most commonly used and jumbles them all together with commonly used words being more prominent.  I punched in our blog address and this is what it came up with.  

Hmph, can't get it any bigger but isn't it awesome to see the things that we write about most: love, birthdays, life, home, happiness, cherries and laughter.  Sisters, you are seriously wonderful.

PS Click on it and you'll see it a little bitter at wordle.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Butt-a-licious Birthday Wishes

Wishing you a marvelous Birthday day all the way from Amsterdam.  Wish we could be there to spice it up a little for you, or to mind Emi and Madi so you could have a ten minute break.  Hope you're eating lots of chocolate cake and iced coffees.  Enjoy the Jamie Oliver meal that we're sure Andrew will be cooking you.  Kati's present is coming via sea freight and Calli's is...umm...just not coming yet.  

Love you heaps too, The Yak and Ferry

PS For extra birthday goodness, guess the butts!

Road Trippin’ With My Three Favourite Allies – Day Six

17 hours and 1400 kilometers and we were home.  
We started off at 5am in the sunlight and got back to Amsterdam around 10pm in the sunlight, northern hemisphere summers are grand.  
Back over lots of big bridges, past lots of wind turbines and a few stops by the way. 

And then home, sweet home.  
It was a great trip.  A really great trip.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Road Trippin’ With My Three Favourite Allies – Day Five

Kati Mac has already posted about the after party that we headed to at Frida’s brother’s on Sunday.  Swedes are so warm and friendly, it was the perfect end to a perfect weekend.  Here’s a few more pics from the day.

After that Frida took us to the house that she grew up in and then we followed her out to her aunt’s summer house for more cake, coffee and fresh cherries.  No pictures of this, sorry.  Then back into town to pick our own cherries from the tree behind the aunt’s house.  Whoop-a-doody!  About 2 kilos of cherries to much on.  The tree was loaded and the cherries were delish.  Day five over as we crashed into bed for an early start in the morning.

To Kati

Poo brown is NOT a nice colour.  Change it soon or I'll eat all the pear vla.  You have been warned.

PS  I posted another Sweden post but it's down a bit on the page, a few more wedding pics.


I changed the blog page in my study break cause no one had written to me on face book bebo or yahoo!!!

The colour reminds me of baby diarrhea!!!

Love you all and Happy Birthday Linny XXX

HAPPY Birthday to YOU Linny Mac

Because your birthdays have always been about blowing out the jumping in front of the photo' eating your know all about me! I thought some Linny and Trinny photo's would be appropriate. Also because we have a camera getting fixed we couldn't do naked shots!
Whoops how did that one get in there?

The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Connor had a school assignment to do about our house, so I spent today wading through the many photo's we have taken of our renovations. Needless to say the project is fabulous...however that was not the reason for the post. The reason for the post is that I came across some photo's that made me realise just how much my two sweet babies have grown up and how much of that growing up has been missed by their Aunties! (Just so I'm not the only one feeling sad, I thought I would share the love!)
Here are some photo's that made me laugh and cry and cringe!
No, it's not ET - this is beautiful Mackenzi. Who would have thought!
Look at my little 2 year old. A Da haircut, but the chocolate eyes are awesome!
And a wedding photo, just for good measure!
Photo's are so good at capturing moments, they are not good however at letting you know what was happening at that this moment Kenzi is asking me what Super hero I am...she thinks I am Cooking Girl or Computer Girl! Connor is singing while choosing a bed book and Brenton is in his striped Pyjama pants, scrudgy and warm, smiling because he is not going to small group! Kenzi just said 'No, you are Important Girl, I am Spring girl leaping into everything, and Connor has to be Fluffy Boy!"
I am off to do my super duties and put my grown up babies to bed.

Road Trippin’ With My Three Favourite Allies – Day Four

Our internet has been off the air for awhile so these little posts are being typed up offline to be put up once our internet is playing again.  I guess everyone needs a break now and then.  And now, back to Sweden.  

The morning of David and Frida’s wedding we toodled into the centre of Vastervik for a wander.  

There was a weekend festival on so there were lots of stalls set up about the place, and we found a flea market – it never takes long for a Macdonald girl to nose out a bargain.  Andrew and I bought a beautiful old ceramic bowl.  It’s an ‘Anna Original’, we have no idea what that is but the lady selling it assured us that it was old.  Is that a good thing or not?  We then scooted back to our accommodation to tart ourselves up for the big doo.

 Mum fended off the hordes inside from our seats whilst Kati and I were usherettes.  We had a grand time speaking to the old ladies in English who could only speak and understand Swedish.  Muppets’ Swedish doesn’t get you too far.  

Once everyone was herded inside the wedding began and it was beautiful.  Most things were done in both English and Swedish, although the vows were done in Swedish alone.  David had been practicing so that he could do his in Swedish, so sweet.  

After the ceremony it was the traditional rice throwing and then standing about with umbrellas trying to decide if outdoor photos were going to be a go-er.  

They weren’t.  Frida and David left in the funky car and we headed for the reception.

  Andrew had to be on the pier in time to take pictures of the happy couple arriving and I became The Official Umbrella Holder.  

Lots of snaps, lots of smiles, lots of rain, but then some sunshine too.

 The reception was fantastic.  Kati and I missed the nibblies part of it as we had to zoom back into town for more film.

  Next time Andrew’s asked to do this we’re investing in a digital camera, although his film photos are beautiful.  

And then the reception.  Wow.  It was one of the most beautiful wedding receptions I’ve been to.  Swedish tradition allows anyone to give a speech, so it means that people who really want to say something are given the space to do so.  Andrew commented that if you didn’t know David and Frida but you heard the speeches, you’d realize what special and wonderful people they are.  So, it was fun, it was beautiful and it was moving.  

And of course a Macdonald celebration song got thrown in with the mix of speeches, and we were given a rather warm round of applause!

 The wedding cake (or cakes!) were yum.  They were sponge layered with a creamy flavoured stuff.  And the icing was goooood.  And then came the dancing.  Random music, but fun anyway. 

 Kati danced with Frida’s brother Frederik (spelling??) and her feet hardly touched the ground, it was great!

Von and I were downstairs flaking on the couches so we headed home around 2:30 with the last of the crowd.  An amazing day.

Monday, 28 July 2008

To Geneva, Rome & Florence just to get to TUSCANY!!

We started off with a hilarious sunflower modeling shoot... Very funny as you can see by the sheer enjoyment in Calli's face here!

Strami (Mum) was trying to disguise herself as a sunflower bug... Maybe Calli & I had a hand in this pict!!
And as it always ends up back at Kati Mac's boobs! It was very funny and I think I need more days starting with a sunflower hilarious shoot!
A huge and beautiful church entrance.
After an early start we EVENTUALLY made it to Florence via Roma Campino and after a wonderful night in Locanda Rocco.The Senora was lovely and the free towels and sheets smelt delicious! Just a pity it sounded like we were in a casino all night light with cars people bikes horns and every other conceivable noise!

This one is for Trin loved of narnia lamps!
We rubbed the pig snout for good luck Sabrina's Dad asked Sabry & me to do it last time!!
We wandered, got lost and marveled at Italian beauty.
An idea stolen off a friend (Thanks Barbara!) Me buying my 1st piece of art to decorate my home... When I get a home!!!
Augh the beautiful and famous bridge... love it
(Hamish do you remember the perfume movie ;-0)
I love this humble picture. Couldn't read the sign.
I use to work at a homeless shelter, another volunteer once said to me "there's a fine line between them & us, we were the lucky ones"  That made me think- it made me love them more & at the same time appreciate where I am.
The beloved bridge and me mum!
Reflections are so nice to play with!
On top of the world! Well Firenze!
I love this pict of my mum (she looks great for 57!)
 For my Dad & all those Italians he worked with. Eat out the centre of the bagette shove a sausage (or banana!) in the middle and vwu-la you've got yourself a fine Italian lunch!
Crazy cool curved buildings.
  To Tuscany we go! This pict is for Connor if you like bikes now??
Andrea has a nice new sparkly blue 650cc. He's very proud of his new bike!
(yes Trin it's Sabrina's brother again!)
(Socks & sandals-VERY Italian & I thought they were fashion gurus!)

Mmmmm Papa Maggiolo making
cheese. Soooo good. 10ltrs to make
one cheese- Yikes!

Isn't he just a big
hunk of an Italian man, a bear with a ballerinas heart!

Mrs Ferrari!
Wild & wonderful Lilly thrilling us all with her english (notice the dictionary in hand!)   Drink fast Mum Italian coffee is down in one mouthful!

The ancient flower lady- she was gorgeous and knarled.

 Birthplace of Leonardo Da Vinci. WOW that was pretty amazing
Makeup and hair by Sabrina Maggiolo! Nite out snobby Italian style!
Give me grubby Dublin any day- Bring on FLANNERY'S!!
Awe- Aren't they beautiful and the scenery was amazing!
The parmigiano (parmesan!) mountains.... Where all good cheese comes from!
     The real things- a friends cheese making place!
The cheese getting salty watered for a while!
AMAZING-& to someone out there- I touched your cheese!!!!!! Don't worry I am a nurse so I had nice clean fingers!!!!

This is Andrea's mountain escape, it use to be a cowshed & his gran remade it and now it's Andrea's own little flat. The bed in the top right pict is over 600yrs old, CRUMPS!!!!! ( Maybe he will fall through it Lin like Grandma Baker!!!!)
His flat & village where everyone knows EVERYTHING!!!
The actual famous cheesey mountain!
I LOVE Italy...... Isn't it just adorable and beautiful....

Poor poor poor Italian cows who live forever & a day in a cowshed (barn for all those Italians that it is easier for!!!!)
Breakfast Italian style- chocolate, chocolate & more choc!!!
Deep in discussion- Viareggio!!
5 Terre (five lands!) Beautiful sea on mountains.
I am loving having my camera again!
The sea was an inspiring amazing blue-just wish I got a swim!
Italy land of amazing beauty & graffiti EVERYWHERE even on cactus?!
It's the walk of love!! Pity Sabrina & I did it with my Mum!

No Picking up of flowers you english thieves!

Retro tunnel- Yer!
Cities on the hills- perched, balanced & crazy.
Stunning Italian by heart sisters!

Girls behaving badly!!

Maggiolo dinner spread!
11pm gelato- Mum's still recovering!
Magic ice-cream photos!
And you also can't beat carrousel either for pictures or childish glee.

Men and cars! Proud Papa's old beauty!

Geneva by sky and Mont Blanc-impressive huh!

Dinner in Geneva ( a little cooler than Italy!)

Lake Geneva...
Breakfast by lake Geneva (more yoghurt!)
Private and free ferry ride (I LOVE free!!)

Trust Geneva to have posh road signs!

Free fresh water drinking fountains cover the whole of Geneva it was ... 'refreshing'!!!

Bombs away jolly old chaps (or old woman in this case!)

Manic roof lines of Geneva.
Von-strap has finally officially lost it!
Hmmmm Life!!!
I love the cover and want to use it as a logo.
Ha ha ha chatter chatter chatter 
Flea market find of the year 2nd hand false-ez!!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha.....
Wall of remembrance...
                .... and Vonny.....
What I want to work for.....
UN for Andrew L.
It was this big the UN....
Our perfect hostel in Geneva... Had EVERYTHING.
Last airport lunch before leaving Geneva- Yes I am proud to say I cut the cheese and tomato using my blood donors card (don't tell the airlines people next they'll take our cards off us!!!)

A wonderful, memorable and sad trip that had wonderful reunions followed by sad goodbyes and LOADS of new experiences, photos and additional favourite places!!  We both survived and now I am preparing for my next move to Denmark!