Thursday, 29 April 2010

Because we all need a little Ikea in our lives!

This is so time wasting...but how fun. You could so use them as a series of prints.
Go here and do it yourself. An Ikea furniture name....what could be better than that!

It's my birthday and I'll blog if I want to.....

Ok The reason that I can blog at this hour is because I am being very spoilt by Pobj. He is slaving away in the kitchen, the kids are playing Barbies and Starwars together and I have given myself an afternoon off planning and programming our homeschooling.
So, I had decided that as we are doing a home made/second hand Christmas it would be nice to give people ideas about what sort of things you love and all...just so that you don't end up with 20 handkerchiefs (Although I personally have taken a great deal of liking to handkerchiefs..I love them) So while I am looking around at blogs which have things to do with Homeschooling I often come across blogs that have very cool things on them and I think I could probably make that or someone in my very clever family could make that. All that to say...I love this key....Love love love it.
And it's my birthday so I can blog what I want!

Image found at this lovely little blog where you will find lots of little lovelies.

Happy Birthday Trinny!

Maybe not as eloquent as Dad's butt crack, and definitely  not as cute as Linny's girls, but here's our birthday message for you Trinny!  You asked for it on a piece of paper, so the Birthday girl got what the Birthday girl wanted, with a little extra fun!  We hope you've had a WONDERFUL and FABULES day, hip-hip-hooray!

Birthday ishes, squishes and tummy kicks,
Andrew, Calli and Moo

PS Now I've got to figure out how to get lipstick off my tummy before I run off for a blood test, hopefully they won't be sucking it out of my belly!
PPS Sorry the photo is backwards, it's because of the above blood test that I didn't have time to flip it!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Ha Ha Ha Happy Birthday- I need not say more ;-)

"Growing old is manditory, growing up is optional!"
(Chili Davis)
Calli Mac we love you- we wish we were there to pop canal corks, giggle at naked gay men and of course lug inumerably & heavy bags of groceries up tiny ship like stairs ;-)
Big kisses and hugs form the three Farmites xxx
(Yes I painted dad's nipples
Yes he was easy to convince
& yes I thought I should inspire not pose this birthday!!)
We hope this leaves you giggling and squeaking & not in early labour!
Dad added his artistic bottom line flare with the workers crack-
I was too busy just craking myself up- he wanted then to star in a film for you!
I said it had gone far enough, actors these days!?!

Happy Birthday

Miss Strawberry,
WE hope that today you are really spoilt rotten
Showered in Sparkles...not candles

And gigantically giggly and happy ALL DAY!Happy Birthday Precious.
Love T, B, C, K
(All Photo's found here, because it was too early to do our own!)

Guess what we are doing?

We are very excited. We get to send postcards and then we get them back. How cool is that!
We will keep you updated in the progress department.....and now we have to limit ourselves as to the books we recommend, unless we can get a postcard as big as our arm!
Join us if you can.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Would ya check out the size of this thing?

25 weeks today
Note the hanky stuck in my waistband, I can't breathe without honking my nose clean every 5 minutes - classy.

This Year's Packaging

All my paints that I used for last year's Queen's Day have dried up so I've had to change my packaging technique.  This year is the year of the marking pen, lots of colouring-in is going on in this house.  QD is on Friday so the colouring-in will be amped up this week although I think I've got some hand issues as my right hand keeps on going numb during the night!

PS Remember how we used to count down how many days til our birthdays on the blackboard at home?  Well, this is the new official black board:

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

OUr Silly Scanner

Just because things sometimes work doesn't mean they are always going to...and they usually stop working at the most inappropriate of times. Like now. I have a totally hilarious story to show you that Miss K wrote and it will not scan properly. All I get is this......
Upside down and all!

This one has worked and if you can work out what she is trying to say with her phonetic spelling, well you get a small, totally terrific, homemade prize. Go on, have a go!Alright, sometimes things just go right after about the 20th try and I was very persistent with this because it is SO worth it. Have a look at the story that Kenzi wrote about her cousins being over!
I particularly love what my face looks like with stingkee POO all over me....and the amount of exclamation marks on that end sentence. The girl sure does make a point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Makings and Growings

Getting photos onto the computer seems like such a hassle these days.  Our computer memory is getting a little chock full so I have to delete and then download, ugh.  So whilst there has been lots going on around these parts there hasn't been a lot of blogging because I feel that posts NEED pictures.  Here are a few that I've taken with the computer camera:  One of a few little birds nests that are gracing our table.  They'll be made into jewelry for Queen's Day.  I'm not sure if people will be into them, but I don't mind cause then I can become the bird lady and wear eggs and nests in my hair.
Behold the moustachio-ed men.  These guys are a work in process, again for Queen's Day.It's tulip season here in Holland and Andrew insists on buying me flowers when we go to the market on Saturdays.  Aaw, isn't he the greatest?
This is the scent wafting through my house right now.  I wanted to make some sponge dough bread so this is it, Italian pesto bread to go with our soup for dinner (if there's any left, I seem to be making a rather large dent in it).  And lastly, but by no means leastly, the bump.  Moo has been kicking up a storm lately.  Yesterday in church Andrew and I watched as my dress jumped all over the place, that kid likes church I tell ya.  I'm calling the midwife in the morning to make our first appointment, this kid is 24 weeks old and has already visited 4 different doctors so it's about time that we tried for some continuity of care!

Stuff that the computer hasn't been around to document: hours spent on a picnic blanket in the park, watching as a man almost died in the canal outside our house (he didn't, thank goodness for helpful strangers who can swim and husbands who can remember emergency numbers), visiting precious friends, storming the kringloops, and generally being content.

Monday, 12 April 2010


I hate not commenting on all your posts, but I am back logged so I will start again as of now..although Cal I do think the 1 leather rope looks bettera and K your owl is scrumptious (you know he is cause Connor has already ordered one.
Leaving you with something I whipped up today for a friends new baby girl Miss O. (I now need to make one for Miss M, you know who I mean and am thinking that a smaller version with a pocket in with a handmade slide would be good for farewell gifts for school friends, the girls at least!)

I'm Back...Ish

I had to drop in to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREW. I think Kt got it right and we missed it.....we have no pictures, no words of wisdom and no birthday kisses (that is your being so far away and all)
We hope you had a very lovely day and enjoyed a birthday fit for a king with feasting and merriment.
Love from all of us here at the Pobjie's


I just signed in and everything is different....the page changed...not much change is going on around here.......dashboard changing is illegal when they haven't told back soonish....when changes settle and I can breathe.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

I would like to welcome to the family....

Such a cute little boy.

Mr Hoot's first "Banana" ;-)

Baby: Andrew Hoot
Created 11 April 2010
Son of doting mother Kati Mac
In honour of Sir Andrew Worth-a-lot
& his big B-day yesterday

Thursday, 8 April 2010

It's that time of year again

Queen's Day is only a few weeks away and whilst I don't think it will be going off with the bang that it has in previous years (lack of time, lack of stuff, lack of party people) I can't imagine that it will be anything but fun.  We're going to have a stall, and here's one of the possibilities:

Chalkboard reversible necklace

With a little owlie on the back.

My only trouble now is deciding whether it's more important to be outside enjoying the sunshine, writing a will for a uni assignment, or making stuff.  Hmmm.

One strand or two of the brown stuff?  It'd be neater in the final product (I hope!).

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Oh yipee day!!

I made my first butterfly belly offer on a house...
$150,000 ha ha ha
Hampden Lane here I come ;-)
I'm moving to Wollongong... (after 2mths in Sydney)
Life on my roller coaster begins again-
And I'm scream'en so I can go faster!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Two more sleeps....

until this princess warrior finds out where her life will lead her
for the next year starting May 10.
Excited, nervous and pumped,
Hoping it leads her somewhere near Yvoal-
I her the fishing of men is very good there ;-)