Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The skull boone is connected to the.....

This week we are learning about the skeleton. How amazing is God that we can walk and run and dance, we also should be able to tidy up but at the moment it is not happening!
To help us learn about the bones that make up our dancing skeletons Kenzi and I made a skeleton softy.

Here is what it looked like before Kenzi made it a Kenzi skeleton.
And here is the master piece that snuggled close to her last night while she dreamed of bones dancing around to the very bad tune of 'them bones' that her non singing Mother taught her.
It's now on the science table, along with a cardboard skeleton, some fake blood and a home made water filtering system. The girl may not be a maths genius, but she sure knows about the world around her!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

What we do

This is what we do when Calli and Andrew are having a baby.
This is what we do when Mumma is away looking after our new, baby boy cousin Langlan.
This is what we do when Aunti Kati is driving fast and rescuing people in the Gong.
This is what we do when Grandpa has only one hand and we have a holiday on the farm.
This is what we do when we are waiting for Emi and Madi to call and tell us about preschool.
This is what we do when we are waiting for Linny and Andrew to have the new bub.
This is what we do!
(in order of appearance
1. shooting cans with a sling shot
2. Singing at a choir performance at the SDA church on Saturday
3. Picnicking by the Harbour and gathering wild flowers
4. Lunch on the back slab in the sunshine
5. Brother and sister mud pie fights.
6. Doing what she loves best!)

Family...A Tribute (aka a Dad Letter from Trin)

Things have been crazy here at the four sisters....yep crazier than normal. A new Bub, one still cooking but just about done and a nasty little accident, has our heads all in a whirl.
This crazy time and place in our history is a space for me to take stock of who I am and what I love.
For me... I am family. A lot of who I am and who I have become is all because of my family before, now and forever. And just quietly, I kinda like who me is! Family taught/teaches me the big stuff: God and Grace, love and friendship, cooking and cleaning, building and making, loyalty and learning....so much stuff.
And as to who I love...well that is easy. I love my family. I know that you know it, but sometimes it's good to just say it. You are all awesome, different, wonderful, fabulous and very, very precious. It is hard to imagine a life that does not include each one of you in it.....and I guess in a way because you are part of who I am I will always, always have you. You are part of me, a very special, adored part of me that I cherish dearly every day.
And so the point of this post...none really, only a chance to say thank you for being family and being crazy and loving me.

Saturday, 21 August 2010


we love you
we are happy you are safe
we are happy your name is so creative
we are happy you are so cute-
with big wide mouth- which will tell stories beautifully
& generous button nose- to smell all your mummies yummy food!
Clear curious eyes to watch and learn from your Daddy
Ears-Oh dear I hear you have Mac ears, you'll never miss a word!
We are happy becasue your Mummy & daddy are happy
So happy they are dancing over the moon.

Dad and I love you all very much our beautiful new parents xxx

(Grandpa Mac's hope for you!)

Friday, 20 August 2010

Here he is, at last.

Hey everyone, more blow-by-blow account later, but some photos of our new arrival, courtesty of Andrew (Calli's asleep in hospital!).

Just out:

Meeting Mum and Dad a few seconds later:

Getting all cleaned and wrapped up:

Meeting Mumma:

Waiting for Mum to be ready:

On the way to Mum:

At last!

This was SOOOO worth it!

Back in the room:

Sleeping (he has long nails and scratched himself!):


Wednesday, 18 August 2010

I Think it's Gonna Work

The very last suggestion I've found to try and get this baby on the way.

Blowing up balloons.

Apparently it builds abdominal pressure on the cervix. Here's hoping it gets the party started (unlike raspberry leaf tea, bouncy bike rides, pineapple, curry, 'exercise', walking the stairs etc, etc, etc).

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

What We've Been Getting up to in Amsterdam

Or more aptly named, 'What Vonny's Been Getting up to in Amsterdam!'

Things have been kinda slow around here waiting for a baby to come. I've been finding lots of things to fill in Mum's time though! She's been knitting up a storm, and she's currently sewing a cover for our pram which she and Andrew designed one afternoon while I was napping. We hit a kringloop at the end of last week, these are just a few of the things that we got (couldn't be bothered dragging the rest out to photograph). Mum also whipped up some poffertjes for us in her new poffertje pan. Other than that, not much else has been happening, except for Andrew practicing how to put on the baby wrap Tarzan-style.

Friday, 13 August 2010

The one handed bandit....

I'm charging dad for ruining my paint work!
Red ladder art work!
Dad owes me a jumper- But I owe him a hand!
The guilty one & O negative additions!
PTO (patient transfer officer) Kati Mac Transporting Pt from Maitland to JHH as there was a 4hr delay and back log for transport (Grrr our health system sucks).
Managed to keep bus in one lane and under the speed limit this time ;-)
What they used on dad to transfer him!!!!!!
Sunny sleeping off the Midaz, "they did a wing blaaaaaaaa..... 'Zzzzzzzzz'"
More cheerful note-
Kiama Downs pick ups!!!! They even have signs telling you what they have put out- How upper class and helpful is that!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Not Yet

Still bumpin' along and stretching my non-maternity clothes. This kid has 11 hours to get out before it's officially overdue. Nothing happening yet. Maybe a few IKEA hot dogs will get it moving!

Friday, 6 August 2010

Task Master

This is to prove that I occasionally let Vonny take a break from cleaning the house...so that she can knit baby stuff! I even sometimes let her leave the house so that she can buy wool and knitting needles. However, I think the results are worth it. Aren't these the cutest?