Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Decorating Liefie

A living, squirming canvas:

Artwork by Langlan the Ratbag.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Nail Day!!!

Fancy nails for Miss Em...xx

Some awesome sea lions that we saw on our holidays!  I especially love this last photo of him 'walking'!!!  It was quite comical really as they sort of flop from side to side on their flippers!  They really were beautiful to watch.....

Pretty Pots!!!

Woo-Hoo!  I have finally been able to load some photos!!

 I have been having heaps of trouble trying to get anything up on the sorry for my absence!  It hasnt been for lack of trying!!  Even now, the first lot of photos wont you will have to wait to see my latest craft project for a little bit longer...but in the meantime....
Here is a beautiful pot decorated by em!!  It was to grow a sunflower in at school...and on the day we got the assignment...we opened our mailbox...and there inside was a package from Nana Kerrie!  Filled with all sorts of goodies just perfect for decorating!!  So a big thank you to kerrie who helped in creating the most beautiful pot in the classroom!  (Well, i may be a little biased!!  But it was certainly the most colourful!) Love to you all xxx

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Recycling and Scavenging

These beautiful bags are what we got our snacks in at Colour conference.
My wonderful sisters and Mum were major scavengers for me and picked up 36 of them to use for Kenzi's Wonderland party.
Kenzi and I renovated them today. We may still add a little something, something on the black ribbon covering the words, but I think they came up super.
Here are our before and afters.

Cost: 2m of black ribbon from JoJo's = $2
          Roll of strippy wrapping paper from $2 shop = $2

Yep these pretty party bags saved a few trees and lots of dollars.
Love to recycle!

Friday, 22 March 2013


What the kids round here like to eat:

Garden-fresh parsley.

Sushi. For breakfast.




And feet.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Wig Wednesdays

Divine inspiration hit me last Thursday. Wednesdays needed a little spicing up so we have now started a new tradition, Wig Wednesdays.

The title is pretty self-explanatory so here's a few snaps of our first attempt at dressing for dinner on a Wednesday:

Monday, 18 March 2013

Just a little bit of thread

Both the girls in this house have been sewing like mad.
We are sewing dresses and dolls and all things beautiful.
Here are some of the older projects that we have done.
Further photos to follow.
 Super outfit for a super little man.
 Alice dolls for THE party
This is a pink spotty ninja that Miss M made. Her name is pinky and Violet is her special friend (Thanks Aunti Calli) Pinky and Violet run a private investigator business where nothing is too strange to investigate. At the moment they are investigating why the photo's in this post are sideways!


Connor's resolve to be better, bowl better and bat better involves us all.

Loving our energetic afternoons at the moment.
A bike ride to the park, some running around the oval and some great wicket keeping.

Welcome to our Autumn work out weekdays!

A little Mexican

Mmmmm, slow cooked chicken, corn and bean enchiladas.
So good and so filling.

But you know...the girl who refuses to eat beans...well this is her plate...note the beans on the side Harry met Sally style!

An Unsuccesful Successful Day

My lofty goals this morning were to make a weekly menu and put away the 2 baskets of washing lingering in the entrance. Neither of these have really happened.

(Andrew providing entertainment at church yesterday)
Instead, we got seriously rained on once I'd loaded the kids up in the cargo bike to go fruit and veg shopping (we ditched the bike and opted instead for a walk in the puddles minus the fruit and veg),

we screwed castor wheels onto Langlan's car box so it can go wherever he goes (including the bathroom),

we walked to the park and scored oranges and lemons on the way home,

we swung and dug.

Not at all successful in terms of my lofty goals, but a totally successful day in terms of loving life to the full.

Friday, 15 March 2013


Six weeks ago this little boy couldn't walk.

Now he's got wings on his feet.