Saturday, 30 July 2011

Let Her Eat Cake!

Happy Birthday to Linny!

Happy Birthday to Linny!

Happy Birthday dear Liiiiinny!

Happy Birthday to you!


It's too cold for a bikini in Geelong so this jean-clad cake popper will have to do.  Oh, and it's not a real cake, just in case you were wondering.

We hope you have a wonderful day with lots of cake-popping surprises.

And we love you heaps too,
Andrew, Ferry and Langy G.

Thursday, 28 July 2011


Here's a few of the things that have been keeping me busy over the last little while...

I've been transplanting succulents into little pots.  Although the use of 'transplanting' is pretty loose, I pretty much broke some off the plants in the garden and stuck them in some soil in the pots.  So far so good!

Sorry for the shonky photos!
I helped out at a chick's conference at church, I ran a jewelry making thingamajoby.  It went off!  There were hardly any supplies left by the end of the second day, it was great.  I bought a stack of charms off ebay, made fabric flowers using this tute although I cheated and used the sewing machine, ripped up strips of fabric and had all sorts of hairbands, bobby pins, embroidery thread, beads and other stuff for the girls to get their creativeness flowing on.

 I've made some little kimono shoes for a precious little bundle that arrived in Amsterdam just over a week ago.

I baked a lemon curd and raspberry cream vanilla birthday cake for a very special Geelong friend.

I've started to paint a hand-me-down cupboard (with help of course).
 I've made an owl for a birthday party, and wrapped it in customised wrapping paper because there wasn't any other kind at home.

And I've written and illustrated (although not in that order) a few hilarious stories with my awesome husband.

I love making, and any kind is good with me.  Painting, drawing, sewing, gardening, cooking and so on and so forth!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Just because I think this is hilarious!

Guineas learning how to kill things dead!

I heart the hair too!

Needless to say when a particular little girl in this house saw the hair she had to have it this morning. As we don't have lush long locks or spiffy lighting the hair and the photo's weren't fabulous...however one very chuffed school girl went off this morning saying that she looked like Princess Leah and really she rocked it!
I had Joy and Snips giving their opinions and offering their advice. They are good offsiders and never very far from this animal loving Princess Leah!

Monday, 25 July 2011

New Specs

I finally got around to ordering new glasses and they arrived today.  I went all extravagant and got the designer ones that cost $100, although it was a close call with the $26 dollar ones.

I heart this hair

Sisters, nieces, girlfriends,

Somebody make my day and do their hair like this.

Sunday, 24 July 2011


The bonus of my sisters marrying lovely men is that we get to meet lovely people who they are related to. We got to hang out with the lovely W's over Easter. I got to admire Sarah's fancy skirt and chat about life, didn't get a chance at all to chat to Dave!, stir a massive pot of risotto with Mark and laugh about building up muscles, briefly chat to Mike about the Royal Wedding and the dress and have a few wonderful chats to Liz about parenting and sewing and all those wonderful things that are worth chatting about.
The other bonus is that our kids get this wonderful extended family who are interested in them and spoil them like crazy.
Liz spoilt Kenzi and me when last we saw her. We got a fabulous package that contained some wonderful fabric, matching thread and very good instructions.
Kenzi's amazing dress has been done for a while now and we haven't been able to get 1 photo with her in it. People gather around and admire it all the time. One day there will be a photo with my model...but today we just wanted to say thank you so much. Thank you Liz for spoiling Kenzi and to all the W's for the interest you take in our family.

Medieval Murder Mystery

A few sheets, a curtain and a few late nights....or as the penguin in Madagasgar would say "Spit, Grit and a whole lot of Duck tape!"
And just so you know that the pretty on the top was only fabric deep...this is the photo of the not so pretty underneath of my outfit...after all a girl has to be warm and comfy when she has a murder to solve doesn't she?

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Still Here...Sort of...

Hello sisters (and all you other beautiful people reading, you know who you are),

This is a post with no pictures and absolutely no purpose other than to tell you my excuses as to why I have been vacant from around these parts lately. I figure the easiest way is a list:

*The computer has been taken over by The Godfather. He is studiously using up our bandwith by showing us how not to raise a child by exposing us to clips of The Family Guy on youtube. Male breastfeeding is not cool people, NOT cool.

*Langlan is learning to sleep again. This means that I'm remembering what sleep is and yearning for more of it. It's like a drug, the more I get the more I want.

*I have been making stuff. Getting out my sewing machine after almost a year almost brought me to tears. It was like seeing an old, old friend after TOO long. Made stuff will be shown once I've regained control of the laptop.

*We've been doing some serious eating around these parts. Asians like their food. The Godfather is Asian. One plus one equals a whole lot of food preparation, cleaning up, indulging in wonderful food made by others and digesting. Mostly digesting though, most of the blood in my head rushes to my stomach and leaves me in no state to do anything but sit on the couch in a stupour.

*I've been having too much fun reading everyone else's posts. The guinea pigs, the sunsets, the naked swimming ladies, the list goes on and I am LOVING it.

And now, the eating must continue so I am off to the James Street Bakery to indulge in a macaroon. The Godfather leaves tomorrow so it will be back to the regular schedule, and the regular diet. Phooey.

Monday, 18 July 2011

can some clever person make me one?

Perhaps with swimmers on!


The title indicates what 1 very excited little girl said when she had her first hold of her new pet.

Connor was a little more contained, but not by much! He was very excited as well. He is yet to name his little one and is stressing over the choices.
Needless to say we will have many more posts, but just wanted to share our Joy. (Which by the way is what Kenzi has named her bundle.)

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Love Love Love School Holidays!

5km bike ride....with Kenzi inside the cargo bike was ticked off my list this morning.
Only 3 pieces of fruit...unless carrot cake counts!

Had the best grass sliding time with friends and then the kidlets became junior rangers over at Blackbutt. They collected bugs and cuddled possums.
Have I mentioned that I LOVE school holidays.

From snow to sunsets.....

This is a clipping from our local paper...
The other night there was this AMAZING sunset! A local photographer got this amazing shot of it down at the Lake... Due to childcare restraints...I could only manage these two quick snaps off the front of our deck! Still think the view is pretty spectacular though! xoxox

More Snow!!!

Some more white snow from us here!
We came home today and got out of the car and it was swirling around us...only for about 10 minutes then it stopped again! Not before I managed to catch a few flakes on my 'nose and eyelashes' though!! These photos are from Monday morning. Very cold here now with the wnite stuff looking like it will be hanging around.

Our backyard...mum and dad you can see Mt Iron in back left hand has been covered in snow the last few days! You might not like to walk up there at the moment!!

Just a light sprinkling in the backyard! Enough though for me to still get excited about!!

Love you all.

L xox

Monday, 11 July 2011

Day 1

Ran....checkphoto post running interval training podrunner week 1. Note the red checks and slightly gaping mouth due to sucking in air.

Yeh! So far so good!

Also joining in the what's out my back snow!


Running goal for this week:
(should have been a running image but I couldn't find one so used this pretty image instead)
Run Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Riding goal for this week:

(lovely image)
Ride Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Eating goal for this week:

(lovely image)
Eat 4 pieces of fruit everyday

Sewing goal for this week:

(lovely image)
Finish 1 garment by the end of the week

God goal for this week:

(lovely image)
Fully understand that I am nothing without Him - ongoing goal for life! (finish another chapter of Give them Grace)