Sunday, 30 October 2011

oh blogger!!!!

Finally taking a minute to blog and I have no camera cord.
Darn it!
So instead- Cal great crafted stuff for the market. So excited for you cant wait to hear how it goes. Maybe you should get picts with some of your buyers for the blog ... Would be fun to c what kinda people buy your creations.
Trin: There will always be a little bit more of you in Kenz as she is uncoordinated and doesn't like climbing trees?! I so want a go on that slide thing. Looks awesome!
R we getting more holiday picts from Worthings and podges?
Lin: See you soon and give you some head rubs!
4 days till I fly. Excited ++++
There is no democracy and psuado choice/input, they asked us for captains and charity choices then told us what they had decided (minus our input!!) Television hey!
Bulah is still beautiful but heating up. Should lose about 25kgs of sweat in my cute as pie neat as a pin (pen for kiwis!) caravan over summer. Met local copper she's nice and hoping to go out for Melbourne cup night and have a boogie-yEY!!! 1st time in too long.
Dad is slaving over boolaroo and Kurri is taking another siesta! Bit crazy and exciting and KL trip throws more spanners into it all but 'once in a ife' opportunity.
Oh oh we got sent to Tun curry today (bring back teenage memories with Julieanne lin!?) And we saw mother and calf whales JUMPING. Think they were on speed, or ADHD so awesome.
Must off for nap had call outs all wk so far. TIRED and my time/sleep is not my own!
as Mum says
love (!!!!)
Love what love you, love me, love everyone, love doggie doos?????

Pretties for necks

I'm laying in bed listening to Langlan squawking in the lounge room. We had more foster care training yesterday and then a bunch of people over for a noodle bar and a few games of Werewolf. It was a big day and a late night so when Langlan woke up this morning Andrew took him out so I could keep sleeping, serious bliss. Anyways, here's a few more necklaces that will be up for grabs next Sunday at Srrampacket:

And just because, here's a little present Langlan and I made for Andrew the other day (sideways):

Happy Sunday!

Friday, 28 October 2011

A few more markety things

I've just finished a bundle of little pouchy things for Steampacket.

They're stamped and stitched on the front and are lined with lovely fabric goodness.

Andrew said the fabric was too nice to be on the inside but I figure if you open it up to get some money out and there's none left at least you'll have something nice to look at.

Ps sorry about the green tinge, not sure what's going on there, it's definitely not there in real life.

Not all Fool's Rush In....

So, you all know that Kenzi is a lot like her Aunti KT. Terrified of nothing, game for anything, uninhibited and of great courage. Heights however, seem to be her cryptonite. She hung at the top of this slide for a good 10 seconds before she was hauled back and climbed down to disrobe and exclaim, "Mummy, it was just too jolly high up there." And you know I kind of like that she knows her limits and isn't afraid to back down....she's not all Kt Mac, there is a little bit of Trin in her as well!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Slave Labour

I was laid low today with a stonking headache but after medication, a long sleep and the most wonderful husband in the world looking after me I'm back on my feet. Well, at least for the next 10 minutes before I hit the sack again.

I'm just taking a few minutes to package up these little beauties that arrived in the post today. Trinny's sweet hairclips will be selling alongside my goodies at the Steampacket Markets. It's in a week and a half so I need to get hussling.

These girls will be there beside Trin's as well as a few others still in progress.

I've also been figuring out display stuff. Unfortunately I no longer have Rebecca around to work her magic, I'm going to start a 'Move the Langevelds to Australia' fund in order to get her back!

Aldi Love

There are many reasons to love Aldi...the reason I love Aldi is that sometime in the future they will have a laser cutter and Dad will definitely have to buy it and then he can make me this.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Right here, right now

Yesterday was a day of fullness. Foster care training, Steiner open day and fair, watching The Pink Panther. Today is full of goodness of a different kind.

A bit of tidying, a bit of crafting,

a bit of running (Run Geelong is 4 weeks today and this was my first run, oh dear), some great eating (all thanks to Andrew),

and a whole lot of relaxing in the garden.

The last day of holidays, and a totally beautiful one.

Our Family

Found here, but definitely my next crafty project when I have a spare moment!

Where's Kenzi!

We played hard in Canberra...hide and seek was my favourite because there were just so many whimsical and fun things to hide behind.
And just so you know, according to Kenzi, Parliment house is where the Emperor lives. We set her straight and told her what it was really for...the president right?



Monday, 17 October 2011

Our Beginning

Time for the Worthing family holiday.

We started ours at Fuel.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

This is the start

It is going to take a while to let you know about the GREAT family holiday we just had. I just wanted to put 2 photo's up to start with. It was the start of our amazing time together and it was made possible because a fabulous man has a BIG heart and a great house and he let us stay, even when he was not even there!
So these are our thank you faces....just inside your door Mr Mark (or as Kenzi called you Ron!)
Thank you so much for letting us base ourselves at yours and enjoy Canberra. More photo's to follow I promise.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

And the winner is...


Oops...I mean Dad!! Here is the parcel I picked up from the Sun...filled with Father's Day Tools from the competition I entered...and WON!

Unfortunately dad had left the country by the time the prize arrived! So I will just have to keep it safe until he returns and has room in his bags for them!!!




Ha ha even better!!!!!

Love this one!! Two bums and their beautiful sister in the middle!!!

Probably the only shot with all our feet off the ground!! (just!!)

These ones are before we realised Vonny had not zoomed out with the camera!!!

ha ha ha!!!

Due to the zoom out factor it has put me in the spotlight!!

Nice one!! Nice starjumps from the unfittest of the sisters who struggled to jump higher than about 2cms off the ground!!!


Some of our best!!!

or not so best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


More of our best!!!!!

lots of laughs!!!

lots of love,

linny xxx

ps. get ready for the four sister photo booth shots at christmas time! xx

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Present fun fun!

Anybody a size 7 shoe???
Or have i got that horribly wrong?
I have in my head that trin is 8, kt & ferry 6's???
And mum 6 too???
Really can't remember...but let me know so that I only
pack these AMAZING finds of mine if they are going to
actually fit anybody!
Just been at the primary school op shop trying to get
organised for Christmas! xxx

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Hello all...sorry I have been absent for so long...
Blame it on the visitors!! He, he, he..
& the actual truth that I rarely get a moment to sit down
at the computer and actually try to string two sentences

I haven't downloaded any photos lately either...but i promise to
put something more interesting up than this asap!

But here is my little story for today...

How much do you all pay for pinenuts in Oz???

I have made a new recipe's a pumpkin, baby spinach
& pinenut salad... I will tell you how it tasted once we have eaten it!
(Andy still currently putting the girls in to bed!)

I bought some pinenuts in New World...they price them there in 100g lots...
so it wasn't until I went through the checkout that I saw the actual price
per kilo...

$126 per kilo! Yep that's right - $126!!!

I didn't even get the whole amount needed as I thought they would be a ridiculous price!
So i got this tiny handful that cost me over $4 and man am I going
to savour every mouthful!!

Love to you all,
Linny & her precious pinenuts!!! xoxox xoxo xox xo x

Saturday, 1 October 2011