Friday, 26 December 2008

Summer Holidays and a little bit of Christmas

"We're all goin' on a summer holiday,
Won't be blogging for a week or two..."
Hmmm, that is as far as my creativity goes today.
Looking forward to blogging again when we return from our long awaited beach holiday. Yep, I will be camping! I will be embracing the bugs and sand in the bed, the endless cicada wee raining down on us and the rain..because it will rain! And I will embrace it all...why? because I secretly love it and I will have two of my sisters with me. How fun!
So leaving you with some photo's that Miss Kenzi took with her new Christmas camera....and some that I took with her new Christmas camera.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Second Best

I had planned on posting about the FABULOUS Ronald McDonald House kids Christmas party that I went to yesterday (not purely for my own benefit, Connor and Kenzi were going and Mum asked me to go along) but the camera is MIA. Somewhere between RMH and home the camera has gone missing, we’re hoping that it’s having a little break at Trin’s. In lieu of posting yesterday’s funness I’m posting my newest creation, the tablecloth bag! From an outdoor table on someone’s back verandah (there was a hole cut in the middle for an umbrella), to the shelves at St Vinnies all the way to my arm, I love it!

Friday, 12 December 2008


Tonight I love my children a little more and held them closer than I did last night.
They are a delight and a blessing.
They are both miracles.
I am reminded of this when I hear about friends who had to turn the life support off on their 3 day old baby boy today. I have no words. Only tears.

Odds and Sods

Thursday, 11 December 2008

School Holiday Journeys

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...ours started with drink bottles, smiles and photo's of feet!
We rescued a plastic bag that would have killed a fish and it turned into a makeshift kite.
We slid down slides,
And walked across shark infested water - well across a chain bridge at the park!
We rode pelicans like ladies
And cheeky boys.
We took photo's will attitude on art work we found.
More attitude!
We found out what we couldn't do in the creek, but we were not sure what this last one was????
We walked like Grandpa, with no encouragement.
We peeked in at the wool sheds where we saw fork lifts at work and smelt the lanolin.
We spotted an old suitcase by the side of the water and freaked Mummy out by opening it. It had a set of negatives in it but no bodies!
We took a photo for Uncle Andrew.
We made witches fingers...
And reminisced about Narrabeen days.
We collected shells from cicada's.
We got stuck on poles as we jumped over them.
We walked through weeping willows and decided they would make great caves!

We eventually got to the library and after borrowing lots of books we headed for home. It was an epic journey...we were exhausted...but we loved it. Any takers for our next Library trip? There was an Op shop visit in there also....any takers?????

Be careful What you Ask!

The other day I asked Kenzi to go and take a wash down in the bathroom. I presumed she would take a washer and have a wash down like we have done a million and one times in the past - but no, my baby girl likes to mix it up a bit and I found this.....
Someday I would like to see inside the workings of her mind........or maybe not!

Computer Nerds a- plenty

I thought the day would never come!

Presentation Night

These are the only photo's I got at Connor's presentation night.
They are not of him, but of a pretty shadow and an even prettier sister and daughter sleeping through award after award!
The presentation night paled in comparison to having my baby sister sitting right beside me.....right beside me. Sorry Connor, you were the bestest wiseman of the bunch!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Do you ever have those days when you feel incredibly frumpy and cannot find a thing to wear? I have had those days since summer started. It may be because I have not updated my summer wardrobe for around 5 years....hmmm that could be it. Or it may be because I see people around that could wear a sack and look good in it.....yep it could be that.
So I have to get updating, sewing and op shopping is what I will be doing in the next little while, so I can hold my head up high and embrace the frump!This pretty thing is here

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Tuesday Morning

We went for another morning ramble, although each time it has got longer-we made it 3 hours this time and that was without any breakfast!  
We've almost devoured a whole loaf of bread between the three of us since we got home, morning walks are serious hunger-stimulants.  
We walked, found, dug, swum, threw, caught, buried, built, searched, swung, ran and crawled.  I'll miss our morning walk tomorrow, I'm going back to the farm tonight.  Maybe I can convince Mum and Dad to head down to the river and have a few goes on the rope swing with me!