Saturday, 26 December 2009

HAppy Christmas

On behalf of ALL the four sisters we wish you a very Merry Christmas. We hope you celebrate Jesus' Birth like there is no tomorrow. Laugh, live and love.
See you after our Christmas celebrations have died down and our blogging heads are back on straight.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Back...from Bliss

More photos later, but right now you need to check out where we have been for the last 3 nights. It was heaven......and it cost us NOTHING! Very blessed indeed. We will let you all know when we are going next and you can all come along...feed the horses, canoe on the lake and help clean the pool. It needs a lot of work but it is very beautiful. Check it out.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Possible Causes of Hip Replacements

And lastly, cause we all know that deep inside they've got rhythm, here's Vonny and Sommy bustin' a move:
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Tra-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la!

And now for something a little more cultured, the Singing MacWorthings (the green elf is our lentil-sized baby!):
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Hit it Kt Mac!

For our break dancin' elfin sister:
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Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

And cause Linny's the Queen of Country, I give you the Line Dancin' Lovelocks:

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An Elfin' Good Time

With an absent husband, a cake in the oven and absolutely no desire to do anything on my to-do list, I present the Disco Pobjie's:

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Thursday, 17 December 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Some pics to come when I drag myself off the couch and get the camera and cord.  But I just had to tell you this, that when I opened the curtains this morning everything that hadn't been driven on was covered in snow.  I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, unlike the ones I used to know...(although the forecast is predicting rain for Christmas-hmph).

Tummy Bug

Have loads more to blog, but been feeling under the weather so will do some more when I have time...time what is that??????
Hope you are all well and happy and able to pull the same really silly face all the time in any circumstance.

Road side Scabs

I have crossed over...I have become one of you....I love a good roadside find...I die a little inside each time KT pushes me out of the car to run and get her something, but I really do love it.
I do not have photo's of everything, but we took a photo of the find of the day. Wish you were all here to help shove the jolly thing into the ute and then drive up Beaumont street...on a Sunday with said thing balanced half in half out! Totally fun.

The girl's got Style

dressed by Ckenzi, as she writes her name now, for RMH Christmas party.

Want a good laugh...

Come to our house when we are trying to take photo's of people trying to ride broom will make you giggle, jiggle and chortle. (This is a broom for modern flying.....I dream of a day when I have a beautiful wooden broom with straw...but they are not $2!!!!)

Friday, 11 December 2009

I Forgot The Best Bit

We learnt to fly in Buenos Aires.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Christmas Past 1999 Part 1

Greetings to all our family and friends in this last Christmas of the millennium!
Wow, 1999 is just about over and all of a sudden we are all going to be incredibly old people who were born in another century!! Doesn't that astound you? Does me!!
Well, once again a year has flown by. We spent our normal two weeks in January at Scott's Head camping at the beach with most of my family, Darlene and Paul were only missing, but Darlene doesn't like sand in the bed! Triniti got that pet hate from her I am sure! Christmas day last year saw me in tears with missing Kati who spent Christmas in Scotland frozen! But our big surprise was Triniti paid for her to come home the week after christmas, it was great. But alas her feet were barely on Aussie soil and a couple of months later she was off to a job in India. She is back home again and is working for Crusaders, a Christian Camp mob, for the next year, then of course she'll be off again overseas! Triniti did her whirlwind romance this year and was married in November, a simple gorgeous wedding. 450 people joined with us to celebrate the occasion! A great day was had by all. The girls were all in the wedding party and we were certainly proud parents.
Brenton and Triniti are living in her house at Rutherford at the moment but will be moving in the new year, possibly to Sydney. Linli is still working on her house at Mallabula, but it is slowly turning into a work of art beach house. Linli has finished her nursing course and is very happily working at Stockton Centre still. She has lots of funny stories to tell but most people don't want to hear what the clients get up to! Calli is still enjoying her distance education as it gives her a chance to do so much more in a day! Mind you, I think the school work is getting less and the much more is getting greater! She has picked up a part time job with Crusaders doing the kids private school camps and just loves it. She has learnt so much over the last few months and certainly has an absolute gift with kids. She is at the end of Year 11 and not phased at all. She has had a stay in hospital in July as she has lost a lot of weight, and was skinny to start with. The doctors have no idea what triggered it and she has not put any weight back on so she is very much on the boney side. Many people have offered her kilos of their weight and I thank you all for it!!! She isn't unwell but gets very tired very easily, but she is happy! Also on the scene has come the first boyfriend! Her two oldest sisters are having a great deal of trouble handling that!, we as parents don't have to say a word. Trin and Lin do it all! I'm feeling sorry for Kati and Calli when it comes to boys!!! Kati is unattached, doesn't have time with all this flitting overseas.

The End

(BA from the water)
With all the excitement, jet lag and uni that's going on in these parts I haven't finished telling you about our trip to Argentina, oh, and Uruguay.  Did I tell you we went to Uruguay too?
(Madres de Plaza de Mayo with the names of their children who disappeared embroidered on their scarves)
(Reflections-my boy loves reflections-at Porto Madero)
(A church that Andrew noticed was all lit up when we were wandering home one day)
Andrew had the first 4 days to explore with me.  We packed it in, traipsing all about the city and heading to Uruguay for a day.  We visited Eva Peron's tomb (remember when we went and saw Evita at the drive-ins and Mum was the only one who didn't fall asleep?!) in the craziest cemetery ever.  We visited the world's second coolest bookstore in an old theatre and read and drank and waited out the rain (apparently the coolest bookstore is in Maastricht, Netherlands, I see a trip in our future).  
(Never too old to dance, ever)
(Recoleta cemetery, absolutely bonkers, it's like a little village)
(Evita's tomb, she was quite a woman)
We visited artisan markets and the most incredible antique market in San Telmo, smiled at children with pigeons, and watched quietly as the Madres de Plaza de Mayo walked silently around the square remembering and advocating for their children who disappeared during the military dictatorship.  
(El Ateneo, beautiful, beautiful bookshop)
(Guess who's husband is an engineer and a fabulous photographer? Fuse box in the El Ateneo bookshop)
(Lights, ah, pretty sparkly lights on the world's widest avenue, 9 de Julio)
We watched tango in the streets and sat on the sidelines of an old ballroom as elderly couples elegantly moved to the dances of their youth.  We visited the sights, admired the art, and ate the food.  We took the boat to Uruguay on Sunday and wandered around Colonia in the rain, feasted in cafe's and took windswept photos on the jetty.
(Passionfruit flower sculpture, Porto Madero)(San Telmo antique market, woh)
(Way more dessert than anyone could eat, dulche de leche tart and lemon meringue at Las Violetas after a ride on the old wooden subway car)
It was an incredible trip and a beautiful place to visit.  Buenos Aires isn't a modern, shiny city but a city with a sad and elegant past which can be seen in the people and the buildings that line the streets.  It's a mixture of so many things, so many people, so many cultures, so many influences.  A wonderful place with lovely, warm inhabitants.
(Windswept, Uruguay)
(The Street of Sights in Colonia, it has an old Portuguese drain running down the middle)
(Church, Colonia, Uruguay)
PS I don't have any other pictures of when I was wandering about the city (or when I was lounging by the pool!) as my bag was stolen the last night we were there and our little camera was in it (not just pick-pocketed this time Linny, they got the whole thing).  Hence the trip to the police station.  We were eating in a restaurant and someone took my bag from under the table.  Sneaky.  We think they had a hook, or ridiculously long arms.  This is the 3rd time I've had something stolen, I'm thinking it should be the last as things come in threes right?

All photos taken by the boy.  He's good huh?

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Christmas Past Part 2

Kati is in the last days of year 8. Oh, how quickly the years fly by!!!!! She is the ever fit one in the family and enjoys tackling most of us to the ground in a huge bear hug of which it is quite impossible to get out of. However when she deems it suitable to be lady like (especially to impress the boys) there is no one more attractive than little tom boy Kate!
Calli - the baby, who is now almost taller than her big sister, who has completed year 6 and starts into year 7, who has taken to wearing her big sisters dresses and who can hardly be called the baby any more - has done well this year. The super brain has not been idle and has achieved excellent results in school.
Triniti (that's me) has just completed her third year at Uni and continues to tie shoelaces and send naughty children to corners! Days fly by and new wrinkles start to appear on her face, but still she lives in hope of her knight in shining armor sweeping in on a gallant stead and carrying her off to some island paradise! As you can see she lives in her own little fantasy land when on a well deserved holiday.
So, that's the run down on the family members and where they are at in their journey through the jungle called life.
Together as a family this year we have
* been on a tour with 40 other teenagers around upper Queensland.
* participated in and were spectators at the Sydney School Spectacular
* participated in and were spectators at touch football competitions run by the Salvos.
* bought or encouraged to buy Mum a new car.
* enjoyed laughter, tears and each other.
I could go on, but suffice to say that our year has been packed and overflowing with one thing or another. So, as we bid farewell to you our dearly beloved friends - we wish you God's Grace for the coming year. ANd as a famous author once felt the need to write "Good night, Good Night! Parting is such sweet sorrow...." William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet.
God bless you this Christmas and always.
Love and Cuddles
Y, S, T, L, K, C

Sunday, 6 December 2009

It Looks Like a Little Swimming Dinosaur

For my lovely sisters, who don't answer their phones.  This is our bun in the oven.  Wow.

Pray hard, we want this one to reach 247 days with flying colours.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

9th December.....

No this is not an important date becasue it is the day the Croatians celebrate Christmas...
Kati Mac has her Aptitude test for becoming a paramedic
I have decided to do it
Bobbie Sue style...
he he he!!!
Prayers and crossed fingers,toes, moustaches appreciated!

Goodbye BA

We’re leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when we’ll be back again.  It’s been a great time here in Buenos Aires.  Great people, great food, great weather.  Definitely somewhere I’d come back to, even if our last night was spent in a pastel green police station… That’s all I’m saying for now, I like to leave you hanging so you come back for more.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Christmas Past Part 1

Tonight I am feeling a little sentimental...mainly because Mum read some Christmas letters tonight that were from years ago. I share them with you now, because I think it is good to remember who we were, what shaped us and how much fun it is to be family!

1994 Christmas letter
Footnote:Triniti volunteered to write this as she said I couldn't remember 12 months backwards! She has the gift of palavering on just like her mother!
Dear All,
What pearls of wisdom can I possibly give to you to wish you a very happy and Jesus filled Christmas? Perhaps the best and most informative would be a run down on the last year of the Macdonald family. So, sit, relax and enjoy the journey through 1994 that the Macdonald family took and would like you to share.
Old Macdonald (that is Sommy) still continues to call himself a farmer, which includes a vegy garden (from which we are inundated with all that's healthy and fresh), a few hens and one very deranged rooster who insists on crowing at unearthly hours of the morning, a dog called Sally, lots of fruit trees and a funny looking thing that we guess is supposed to be a scarecrow, and the pride and joy. Florence. our little potty calf. As a hobby Sommy still works at the Welfare Centre.
The other old Macdonald (that is Yvonne) has been continually busy with all her volunteer work that provides the backbone to many of the Salvos, school and home functions. Another year older and with lots more grey hairs than we can actually point out (she is very good at hiding them) - Mum says it's the worry of her children, but who would believe that when she has four of the most adorable daughters in the whole wide world!!!
Linli has finished her HSC and yes thank you for heaving a big sigh of relief for her and her family. We now get to see her bright smiling face and hear her happy voice much more than we have been. The future is unsure, but it's in God's hands - what more can we ask for? We had the celebration of the century to celebrate Linli's 18th mid year. She now has the ability to drive, to vote, and is also classed as an adult - Pretty scary isn't it????

To be continued.........

Buying Time

I have often thought about what I would do if I had a lot of the moment I would buy some time. I have been busy. The end of the year is CRAZY in this house. Here are some brief glimpses of just what this absent blogger has been up to.
I have been the mother of a famous sheep. She was the bell ringer and the! It's hard being the mother of someone that famous!

I was also the mother of the artist on the front cover of the program. And yes there were giraffey looking cows present at the birth of Jesus!My little lambThese costumes were great.Too cute!I made 11 boy envelopes and11 girl envelopes forspecial christmas gifts for Kenzi's class. They loved what to do for next year?I have been taking photo's of the it is gone and we can kiss again!I ...well God really has been growing some wonderful flowersWe have been planting and watering our gardenCorn, tomatoes, capsicum, basil, rosemary and thyme, 1 lone zinnia and seeding parsley and yummy mint.I have been dressing my spunk for Christmas dinners and year 10 formals! Check the shoes!!!!I have been stealing ideas and making secret santa gifts.Secret santa why do you get all the credit?Bag to go with secret santaLittle pouch made from......a golden book for a lovely library lady.
Now I am off to bake for gift giving...oh and I also have 15 crowns to make and a few overnight bags...I love making, but I need more time.
So, if you don't see me in the next little while I am chained to my machine and oven.