Sunday, 19 December 2010

can you believe it's Christmas!!!!

this is how shocked i am that 2010 is ending,
are we all ready for 2011??!!
Love you all wish we could all hang out soon xxx

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Maddi I hope you feel better soon and that you get LOTS of fun yummy things!

I would buy you a puppy and pussy cat if I was there
to make you forget you just lost part of yourself!
Love lots and lots Aunty (bestest) Kati xxxxxx

Monday, 6 December 2010

My Taliban love interest

For those of you wo haven't met Jacob (pronounced: Yacob) yet... Yey I'm gana have lite caramel kids ;-)
Jumping in true Macdonald style-he was rubbish to start with!

I'm gladly and confusingly totally in love with this Iraqian x-refugee, Nothing in my life is ever normal & this is no change!

Jacob has two daughters Sarah (9) and Yasmin (7) from a past relationship. Yes I almost died when he told me and initally thought "No way am I doing this". But now I'm in for good and bad (plenty of tears and pain says Kerri Morgan!).
This was much longer but the darn computer failed me again and now I don't have time or patience to do it again xxx

Friday, 26 November 2010

Kind of Back

Langlan and I have come to the library with the laptop (including the new battery). We're back online! Although I'm not sure how often this will happen as Langlan is currently gnawing on my arm and slobbering all over the keyboard. Mmm, nice!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

11 years Ago

I have a story to tell...everyone does of course, but today is a special story day. It's a story in which many people who I love were involved. It goes like this.
Once upon a time there were 4 girls who woke up one morning after a harrowing night of tears over certain flower arrangements.
They toddled down town to be made look beautiful with hair fruffing and makeup doing. They got dressed into shining white flowing dresses and hopped onto their carriage, which looked like Newcastle's famous tram!
They were whisked away to a local farm, walked into a big old hall, stood in front of 500 people and held party bangers and let them off when 1 of them kissed the man she truly and dearly loved.
That story happened 11 years ago today.
I married the man who loves me well, who makes me smile, who is my voice of reason, who cares for me and looks after us....the story continues and rather than being a fairytale, I am praying that it is an epic journey. One that weathers the storms and grows stronger. One in which love and laughter and joy and grace play a HUGE part. One in which we remember every year with excitement.
HAPPY 11 Years Pobj. I love you dearly.

As time goes by...

He is handsome.
He is clever.
He is crazy.

He is cricket mad.
He is kind.

He is creative.
He is amazing.
He is 10!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Mermaid Mackenzi

There once was a beautiful mermaid. She used to swim with the fish. She ate seaweed pies. She loved to dance in the rolling waves. She was an amazing mermaid princess.

More Photo Editing

Kenzi made a heart shaped record bowl from a record Mumma gave her. She then photoedited it!
I have no words.

Thursday, 28 October 2010


Today at the Pobjie Academy for Young ladies we made bubble hats...and beards! FUN!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

This is how we roll

When there just aren't enough hands to go around!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Oh so distant....

No photos as I have not ventured toget thm of my U-BUTE China phone!
My life.....
Work is wonderful but I lose Dave this week
I get Rod & he's another ... 'Christian'!!?? Crazy.
He's a skilled PARA, but much quiter than Dave.
Bye bye Dave- I'll miss you!
My house is whistle clean underneath, kitchen floorboards sanded & look
beautiful- so glad I won out against Dad over keeping them ;-) So full of charachter & charm they are delicious, if not little up & down and spaced!
Christmas is coming too fast & need to start prezzies or there will be 15 IOWEU's
I kinda like a nice boy- plenty of complications
(as per usual for Kati Mac! Nothing normal or easy)
Up to speed- love you all xxx
Oh almost forgot removed my starter motor all by myself- I am much darker then I use to be and now understand why mechanics don'twear bikinis ha ha ha.
Thank goodness for all my boy at wrk who keep car going with a hammer to the culprit for 2 days then no car for 2 days then ave & my boss pushing me to clutch start me (three times!!!)

Friday, 22 October 2010



Our lovely Anon, AKA Rohan, has been inducted into the Ronald McDonald House Charities Hall of Fame. WHOOOOOOOT, you go girl!

I found out via Britt's blog, who is off gallivanting around New York at the moment. Take a peek here.

The Here and Now

I've written a mega-long post but the photos were taking a mega-long time to upload so I've opted for the short and sweet until next time! Flowers for a lovely lady who cooked us a wonderful dinner in her lovely home last Saturday (flowers stolen from the garden of the house we're house-sitting, the warm weather means everything in the garden is bursting open and it's seriously beautiful). And then my 9 week old son in a onesie for a 1 year old. Petit bateau make their clothes on the small side but this is ridiculous! Although the child health nurse weighed him the other day (6.48 at 8 weeks) and he's in the 97th percentile for his age. I think my breasts may be producing pure cream rather than milk!


no words can explain the sheer joy my kidlets share when they are digging. i guess our landscaping will have to wait...although i could give them the plans....nothing wrong with child labor? although i do think a plan would take the joy away.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Bling Bling

I know a girl who likes lots of colour. She doesn't live by the 'less is more' motto. In fact everything must be as blingy as blingy. For example, one of our lessons today was photo editing on one of those free online programs.......I think it is beautiful....I also think it looks like cupid threw up, right after Frosty the snowman exploded! Oh, and the bow...I have no words!
Lucky The Pobjie Academy for young ladies can laugh out loud at things...especially after we read the blog posts her mummy writes.

Monday, 18 October 2010

No More Babies Please

You all know that I love babies. I do, I adore them.....but really 12 handmade Christmas gifts is about my limit I think. What with my kidlets, all your kidlets and our God children...12. A lot of sewing ahead and more felt to be bought and cut, but man they look good! No peeking until Christmas though. (I apologise now for the abbreviations to names....some are ever so long and will not fit on my secret project...and then there are those that are pretty long, but will not be shortened - they have to be squished!)

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Nothing Happening Here

Hmmmm..I think because I have not had a baby, broken any ribs, moved to a country far away from where I was living. I am also not saving lives or dancing with cute country boys. Maybe, just maybe I need to be doing my part on this side of the blogging highway. I promise to try and give you some good posts so that you have something new to look at.

Pretty hey. Yellow and white makes me smile. Roses and vases make me smile. Fresh smelling bathrooms and spring sunshine makes me smile. I am a happy, happy girl.
(Rose from Raemor's beautiful garden)

Our Great Adventure

I shot one photo and then my batteries died.
Well done Miss Lawyer/Art person. You did good!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Toot-Toot CHugga-Chugga Big Not-Red Car

We bought a car. Actually, Mum, Dad and Kati bought a car for us. We trusted them with our precious dosh and they bought a car that we hadn't even seen. Actually, we haven't paid them back yet. I'm thinking that if they don't make it to New Zealand then we get an extra cut of the inheritance. Oh yeah.
PS This post is mostly for Andrew who is dying to see our car. My snorky habits are rubbing off on him!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


I'm not sure how I'm supposed to finish packing when this keeps happening!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Local garage sale and now...

Sung kongo line style
"kati has a Kenwood... Kati has a kenwood..... Kati has a kenwood....."

And it's name is Kenny and her sister bought it for her and her Mum caught me carrying it to the car and told me to take care of Keny as he was part of the family!

Sorry I'm not commenting on all other post I love them and miss you all but don't have internet for 5 days then have 100,000 things to do, say, be and organise in my 4 days off!

yak attack hee haw hee haw

This is one way to move insulation!

Dungog tip is empty Cal And Andy!!!

All for $15 not including my tin of ceiling paint tin of ceiling paint #2 ended up being full of bird seed which gave me a shock, laugh and good story when I went to empty it into the larger can of paint! Oh and the most awesome bird cage to hang in my houses pine tree :-) YEY!!!

As demanded by Frida....

My Hoose!
Road side collection letterbox- Paint job of letter box fence & plant by Sunny McD
The artist himself!
Room number 1- A new floor is in order!
Windy days cost me a window (it's amazing what blows out when badly built!)
Who needs windows when boards & blue shade cloth are free!
Borrowed, stolen & removed materials for later use (rear of hoose- car port/outdoor dunny work room etc)
Back lane and Yard (caravan not mine!)
Pine tree is mine- I love it- only plant/tree here so far.

Again my beloved fireplace!