Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Money Tree

Today if I had a money tree I would build secret tunnels to all three sisters houses. I would also make detours to special friends who make things ok on days like today....if I had a money tree and a really big spoon that's what I would do today.

I think we are in the middle of a war

About 5 Army helicopters have been flying over us for the last hour. I know that I tend to miss things so I am just asking....have we gone to war?

If we are not maybe it was secret army business and I was not supposed to take photo's?

Spring Fling or Practical Spacktical!

I would love it if somebody, some day could call me a practical gardener. I would love them to walk into my garden and see all the home grown produce that I have planted to feed my family and neighbours...however my garden has other ideas. My iceburg lettuce struggled for a few days and then withered and died...my tomatoes, well lets just say they did not go well. All my spinach was eaten by our friendly garden bugs and my blueberry is very, very blue! However, my garden likes to do pretty. Everytime I go out to put clothes on the line I turn to admire my spring jasmin. Oh, I wish you could smell it.

So, I have decided and my garden has reminded me that I am so much more a pretty than practical person...it may not have any function and it cannot contribute to world hunger....but it sure does make me smile.

(todays post is bought to you by a spacky computer that is not doing what I want it to, hence the photo's above are above and not spattered throughout!)

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Anti Virus for Anti Poverty

Pobj has gone live.
See what this amazing man of mine is doing.
Gotta say I love this guy.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

book week

introducing miss madagascar.
when i asked if her hair was a little too crazy and did she want me to tone it down she said, "mummy it is perfect....everyone needs a little crazy sometimes."

oh and she won the book week colouring competition. yeh!

The Land of the Long White Cloud

This is the view from the living room window of the house where we are staying. It's beautiful. And it's about all that
I've seen since I've got here seeing as I've come down with a bug. Langy G has been having a lovely time though!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Quote of Today

I accidently just sat on my imaginary chair!!!!!!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

I Spy with My Little Eye

A brown bear hiding in the rose bush...

And a little boy foraging for his dinner.

Langy G is just practicing his hide and seek skills for when the cousins are around!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

reduce reuse recycle

I don't like using clingwrap or plastic sandwich cliplock bags for lunches and recesses. I needed a solution to this problem and I finally got some time to make the solution.
Here are my reusable snack and sandwich bags. I am going to make a whole stack more in boy print as well as flowers! Connor didn't really fancy the flowers for some reason! The pink is water proof PUL. I love these!


We love our babysitter. Connor and Kenzi have so much fun when she can make it.
Our babysitter also likes to remodel things at our house when things get a little boring.
Here is her latest and might I say, her greatest remodel.

Note to self: When our amazing babysitter is in the house do not put my overlocker anywhere near the fire....especially on top of the fire!

Of dolls and Girls

Kenzi was invited to a birthday party that was a girls and dolls tea party. It was for a daughter of a friend of mine. I said that I could make some pretty things for the girls and dolls. Here is what I did.These are the dolls hair slides.
girls and dolls hair slides

boxes they were in sitting beside their tea cups
flowers inside their boxes....the girls loved them I had fun creating for them.



The big freeze!

This is what the country is looking like at the moment!! This was yesterday and it's supposed to be worse today and tomorrow!

Here is Christchurch...this is where Kt Mac is meant to be flying in to at the end of this week!

And...oh dear... this picture is tiny!! But their snowball is HUGE!!

Thought Connor and Kenzi would like this one!

And maybe we can try and top this next week Dad!!! Are you up for the challenge?!?

Love you all...from the land of ice and snow!

Linny xox

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Aaw, cute...

I made this little fella up over the last few days. One of Andrew's work colleagues had a little boy (Connor John) so this fuzzy-wuzzy bear will be heading to him. And, just because I love this, here is a list of his origins:
Dog fabric: Newcastle
Fur: Newcastle (thanks to Trin)
Face, arms, legs: Belmont, Vic
Felt hair: Amsterdam
Eyes: Sydney
Embroidery thread: England (thanks to Liz)

And this little bunny girl? She's already in her new home. Well, her new home for now. One of the families from mothers group is moving to Queensland so this bunny-boo was a little farewell gift. A copy of the Seussical's 'I had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew' was hugged in her arms. This little one's origins are:

Body fabric: bought from a designer girl at an artisan market in Amsterdam in the pouring rain
Fur: bought in the bizarre bazaars of Istanbul, Turkey
Ribbon: bought on Queens Day, Amsterdam
All else the same as above.

I love making, I love my new studio (SO awesome) and I love being able to share the love!

Monday, 8 August 2011

His First...

No, Langlan hasn't taken his first step or any other momentous milestone instead he just did his first wikipedia search.

I just found this on the iPad:

Search results
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

There were no results matching the query.

The page

"yybojuubjijijjuuuotkuoouyouoyooyunuinjniikuuyuouuouuouoouunoouootouknouooooiojnuur" does not exist.

Kids these days!

before my arvo nap...

sorry no photos or capitals!!!
funny things ive seen-
1. 70yr old man chasing a flock of seagulls on a football field on his bike!!!
2. 40yr old business man going out of his way to kick a huge balloon in the street!!
3. this morning on my run a 70-80yr old church clothes dressed man running across the bridge i was running across with house keys out.

funnies at work-
1. you two are too glamorous for this job
2. 90yr female patient the driver could do with some lessons (I swear is was the road)
3. 91yr female pt answering Medical conditions? " ive had 5 children"!!
Same lady answering what year is it? "Umm 19.. umm 1937" almost with a suprised snort said my partner... "oh well it must be 1936 then" says the pt proud as punch for correcting her mistake!!!!

now off to beddie byies. all great post everyone but no time for comments sorry!

Saturday, 6 August 2011


MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

Sarah sent me the link to this little film. I love it, although it makes me want to go exploring, just like the Bingham boys' blog does.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Party Boys

We had our first 1st birthday party to go to a little while ago now.  It was one of the playgroup boys and his mum threw a whopper of a party! 

I only took this photo but it gives a pretty good idea of how awesome the party was.  This was the lolly table, you took a bag and filled it with goodies to take home.  There was food galore, they had the bbq going, the oven going and grandpa on mum's side was a pastry chef so the cakes (yup, there were multiple flavours and shapes!) were goooood.  I'm just not sure how they'll top this for his 18th!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Andrew starts working serious hours this week so we took the weekend to hang out as much as possible.

Saturday was spent doing stuff around the house and then on Sunday we went adventuring.

We skipped church (but don't worry, we didn't turn pagan we just went at night) and had breakfast at At the Heads.  I don't have any photos from there but Andrew does so I'll see if I can get some from him.  It's a cafe that sits right on the water where the Barwon River runs into the ocean, the location is amazing.  The funniest part of the breakfast was when Langlan realised that he could crawl out the window onto the verandah to join the breakfasters out there, that kid gets around.

After breakfast we went to the beach.  Yup, the weather down here has been beeeeyooooootiful so we beached it.  It was so nice, except for the part where Langlan's foot was caked in dog poop and Andrew put him on his shoulders, that part was just plain hilarious.

A beautiful weekend, one that will hopefully keep us going until Sunday when Andrew is off work again.

This Girl

This girl makes me laugh. She also makes me cry sometimes too, but mostly she makes me laugh.
Today this girl got a shell stuck up her nose at school. It wasn't a large shell, but it was a shell!
The after school conversation went like this,
Kenzi: "Mummy, I was sitting at my desk playing with this shell and all of a sudden it was up my nose."
Me: "How did it get up your nose?"
Kenzi: "I have absolutely no idea. I was just playing with it and then it was up my nose."
Me: "What on earth did you do?"
Kenzi: "Well I was a little freaked out because I couldn't reach it, then I realised that everytime I breathed it moved a little. I blew with both my nostrils and it didn't move. Then I blew with one nostril and it came out, luckily."
Me: "What would you have done if you couldn't get it out?"
Kenzi: "Well, I had decided that I would wait until bed time and then try to get it out again." (Please note that she thought I wouldn't notice her bright red nose or a shell up it!)
Me: "Did anybody see you?"
Kenzi: "I don't think so. Ohhhhhh I hope not. It would have been SOOOO embarrassing."

Needless to say I love this girl. And really she has no idea how the shell got up her nose...no idea!

for my amazing pobj

Monday, 1 August 2011


I have our camera sitting next to me, all hooked up to the computer ready to download pictures of yesterday. 

The first problem is the battery is dead.  So, the charger is sitting next to the camera. 

The second problem is I need an adapter because the charger plug isn't the Australian type.  So, two adapters are sitting next to the charger. 

The third problem is that one adapter needs a new fuse and the second adapter won't fit.

Obviously the photos of yesterday will have to wait a little longer to be shared but here's some twinkly candles in our Fowlers bottling jars to look at instead. 

Pretty, huh?