Tuesday, 31 March 2009


dad and I are joining the bald, fat moustache group at raymo it's hide out is the SES Tuesday nights!

So busy my undies are on fire...
But I love you al.

And anon could do with some lovin tool

Sunday, 29 March 2009

From Scarecrow to Sleak

Kenzi has been pulling her Rapunzel hair out at school and let's face it, she looks like she just got out of bed...not in a good way but in a 'I have been in bed for 4 days, thrashing about with nightmares and somehow my teddybear is tangled up in this mess as well' kind of way.
so, we decided to do the chop. We played hairdressers today and despite my track record, I managed to not totally wreak havoc on the do. I thought she would hate it, but she has been dancing around all night flicking her hair and batting her eyelids. She is such a doll!

Big Day OUt

It was Show day on Friday. That meant that Connor and Kenz got the day off - how great is that! We were supposed to go on a big train trip to Sydney.....well, eye operations and fainting sisters put paid to that idea. Instead we caught the train from Hamilton to Maitland. I was actually very glad we didn't train it to Sydney, because after stop 2 Connor felt train sick and Kenzi wanted to know when we were getting off. Oh well, I enjoyed it!
Our taxi driver (Aka Mumma) picked us up and chauferred us to the farm where we swim and hunted koala's and talked to sick Aunties and sisters (Sick in a bad way not sick as in 'sick man' - if you know what I mean!)
After lunch we headed back home stopping at the $2 shop to get whatever we wanted for $2.Great day...but Mummy forgot to take photo's after the getting on the train. WHOOPSEY!
Kenzi modelling the outfit that she put together.

Connor watching out for the train

Kenzi took this photo

Connor took this photo

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Shoes...oh How I love Thee......

Especially when they are cheap as well as pretty.
The red ones a re Kenzi's Dorothy shoes. All she has to do is tap them together and wherever she is she will be wizzed home. I expect I will buy some for the two of you who are still absent from Oz!
The white ones are my retro old lady shoes that I will be wearing with knee high socks and long scarves in winter.
The black and white ones had dots and I love dots at the moment.
All in all a good scratch of the 'Oh, I need to go Op shopping' itch that I get occasionally........well weekly........hmmmmm daily!
This is a picture of the red shoes in action complete with pink socks and mozzie bite. The lavender oil is just not cutting it with the plague proportions of Mosquitoes that we have around at the moment. How cute are the shoes though????

I Love Art

Especially this art.
Remember this photo.
It turned into this.
And remember this photo.
It turned into this.
And now they adorn the walls of Connor and Kenzi's room waiting to be framed and given the place of honor above the homework bag hooks (photo's to follow of that little organisational project!) Thank you miss Strawberry Jan. Your work is amazing.

Special Somethings

I love being surprised by packages.
I love when that knock on the door comes and the parcel man is standing there grinning, because he knows it's something special. He knows that in that package are photo's of family, words that mean so much and special somethings for the munchkins. Yep, he smiles and wishes me a happy day. He need not. It is already happy because I know the joy that has just been handed to me.
Thank you for making our day.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Every so often people need to be reminded that it's ok to be different and to be who God created you to be. Kenzi needed reminding of that not so long ago and some amazing person sent her this DVD. She loves it and we love it because it reminds us all that keeping our eyes firmly fixed on Our Maker is way better than keeping our eyes fixed on the latest fashions,trends or personalities.
Kenzi is resilient. She loves being different. And I love that and pray continuously that it will always be so. I also pray that we will always have people in our life that love us for who we are.
Thank you for loving me well duckies.
I love you all very much.

Friday, 20 March 2009

He's Blogging

You may or may not have noticed a new addition to my list of blogs on the left hand side of Four Sisters.  This handsome old boy has joined the mob of square-eyed bloggers.  It's called 'The Reckless Engineer' and it's cool.  A little more high brow than this nuts and bolts blog, but that's my husband.  Take a peak.  It's only a beginning, but it's good, chewy food for thought

Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday

Friday is the day in which I get nothing and lots done.  Andrew works from home on Fridays and somehow that gives me the idea that it's the weekend, that uni is done for the week.  Unfortunately this is generally not true, so to find some middle ground I make myself a little schedule with some uni work and other stuff interspersed throughout it.  

Today my other stuff included housework, painting, shower (otherwise I forget and find myself still in my pj's at dinner), making labels, taking photos and hopefully a little sewing (I have the most FABULOUS new sewing desk but I forgot to take photos so that will have to be another post).  Just to keep going on my Queen's Day theme (my posts are getting a little repetitious right??) here's my latest batch of stuff.  
Some antlered-girls with leaf necklaces.  
On-the-go nappy bags (made by Rebecca and me last week).  
Crayon rolls with paper and stickers.  
Pencil rolls (with only 11 pencils cause I measured wrong and didn't have room for the 12th pencil!  I now have 5 dark brown pencils floating around the house).  

And last nights endeavour, little sacky pouches.  These are probably one of my fav things I've made.  They're a concoction of my travels.  The fabric is trousers from the fabric market in Noordermarkt, as well as the leather buttons.  The ribbons are from a shop in Amsterdam (the green one is more of an aqua colour in real life).  The doilies are from Australia and the metal buttons are from French army tunics, although I bought them at Portobello Road Market  years ago.  

Isn't it weird that I can say 'years ago' about the first time I lived in London?  Six or seven years can be 'years ago' right?  The labels-I made 'em.  I finally tracked down some print and iron paper at Office Works in Australia and it has been bringing me endless joy.  So, bits from all over the world.  A journey in a bag.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

I'm Turning Japanese....I Really think so.

I have 19 of the most beautiful students ever...and they are 16 year olds...and they can hardly understand me....but they love me anyway. Just a few highlights
1. Sharing the gospel with all 19 on Thursday. It was awesome. Lots of miming and pictures and smiling!
2. Dolphin Cruise
3. Making Anzac biscuits
4. And a conversation that went like this.
Hiroto : 'Teacher Triniti, do you know The Charlie's Angels?"
Triniti : "Yes"
Hiroto : "You look like a Charlie...you know Cameron Diaz"
I told him that he was my friend forever.....
I will miss them when they go, but I am looking forward to putting the wheels back on at home and slowing the pace a little.

Road Trippin'

We went on a road trip. Actually it was a funeral trip really, but there is always a silver lining. Pobj's Granny died and we had to head North for 7 hours to the funeral. We pulled the kids out of school on Friday and started the adventure. And what an adventure. We got to eat homemade frozen yogurt from a roadside stall. We got to feed geese and ducks with our store of Jatz. We got to sleep in a mobile home unit thing, with 3 bunks. We got to swim in the caravan park pool...and we got to say goodbye to a lady that had lived an amazing, hard life, but loved God and people anyway.
A great road trip, wouldn't you say?

One is the lonliest Number

I have stolen some time away from my housekeeping and working, to post (I know that a few of you will be aghast at that, because I know you think I am dreadful at housekeeping and yes I agree, but keeping in contact with my sisters is really important, more important than a house that sparkles.) I know what it is like to feel like nobody else is reading or blogging. It does get kind of lonely. But, Miss Calico I am enjoying your posts, especially the amazing stuff you are making. Go You!
Oh, by the way, just so the other special amazing sisters don't feel left out of the just because presents, Linny yours is in a big bag along with many other very late and very early birthday presents. They will be winging there way some old time...just not prepared to pay $50 postage when I know somebody eventually will get over to you! KT Macdonald, you will have to wait for yours until I stop working and we can go together and find something amazing at the op shops that we haven't been to yet!
OK, all that to say here are some posts.
This one is just short. Dots and stripes. I love them. What a surprise when I looked under my table and found both. A little dotty around here....sure is.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Up in the Blue Sky I Fly

I love seeing snippets into everyone's lives.  I seem to be the one with the most spare time and best internet access at the moment though.  I miss you guys, Trinny working her little feet off, Linny holed up with the in-laws, Kt Mac getting a life.  So I'm going to continue putting my stuff up, love it or leave it!  And now, onto the post...
Yesterday I went on an airplane.  Scratch that, make it - I went on four business jets (including sitting in the cockpit) and poked my head into a coast guard plane.  Cool.  We have a friend who is an airplane maintenance engineer and he took us to his work yesterday.  We saw how the other half live.  Seriously crazy.  
And whilst the business jets were very swish and posh, my favourite was the coast guard plane (not my photo) - it just oozed adventure and saving people.  

We also saw the wreckage of the Turkish Airlines plane which is being stored in a hanger across from where we were.  It was so weird seeing the plane that had made international news.
Lastly, some more girls, a little more fruity this time, although Andrew calls them my French girls.  They're eventually going to have necklaces on the felt balls.  I also had a making day with Rebecca on Friday, we whizzed up a few things but no photos yet.  They'll come...I think.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

No dresses full of sunshine but buns full of Yumminess (not mine!!)

What else do you want to do on a Sunday night other than stuff your mouth full of the most delicious and scrumptious burgers in the world... Bingham Burgers.... MMMMmmmmm
(copy right McDonlads!)
Matt sure shot likes to eat men alive like a burger on a Sunday night! Dan the Man from Dunnydoo says "Me like burger, real lots"
Red eyed Jack the cattle hussler says "Mmmm Burger, good, Mmmmm Burger!"
Burgers are delicious and just make me happy but even more with the Bouncing Beautiful Binghams.
(this was an Anonymous production!)